The President's EDGE

Basic Spanish for Staff

Join us for these fun sessions as participants are introduced to Introductory Basic Spanish. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world today and the second language of the US. Broaden your horizons and expand your employment opportunities by learning Spanish. Join us for 5 one hour classes taught over the course of 5 weeks that are designed to establish a foundation and provide context for further learning of the language. Come meet new friends and build relationships in this engaging, fun series!

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Building Our Community from Within

President's EDGE LogoThe President's EDGE program was established in the Fall of 2011 and incorporates the help of many departments across the campus and in the community. Initially, the program's goal was to provide an edifying and engaging experience to staff members that needed to obtain a GED. Since then, the program has expanded instruction to include English language acquisition and computer skills.  Any staff member who would like work toward one or all of these goals, regardless of their academic or language abilities, is encouraged to contact The President's EDGE. Instruction is personalized to each staff attendee and their schedule. The President's EDGE also provides help with translation and the onboarding process to staff and employees.

NT Lofts OfficeSchedule / Horarios

Monday - Friday / lunes - viernes
9:10am - 12:00pm
4:00pm - 6:30pm

Saturday / sábado

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