Transfer Credit Approval

Conditions for Transfer Credit Approval

  • Approval of transfer credit does not constitute a waiver of any university requirements.
  • The total number of hours approved for any one semester (all institutions including UNT) may not exceed the maximum Student Load at the University of North Texas (i.e. Fall & Spring-19 hours; Summer-18 hours.).
  • If receiving financial aid or scholarships, consult the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships office to determine whether you must complete additional Financial Aid forms.
  • If currently on the Guaranteed/Eagle Express Tuition Plan, taking courses off-campus can negatively affect the financial incentive associated with the plan.
  • If enrolled off-campus during your last semester, you must wait until a subsequent semester to apply for graduation.
  • If enrolled off-campus during the long semester or summer semester prior to PDS/Clinical Field Experience, inform the Clinical Practice Office about your off-campus courses in order to receive a school placement for your internship.
  • As soon as transfer courses are complete, submit an official transcript to the Registrar's Office to update your UNT records. Failure to submit transcripts in a timely manner could delay graduation.
  • Check your Online Degree Audit to verify when transfer course work is applied to your UNT records. Contact your advisor to correctly apply Unapproved Concurrent Enrollment courses on your audit.
  • Refer to the current Undergraduate Catalog for additional information about university requirements concerning transfer credits.

You must be a current student in the College of Education to submit this form.

Please make sure that your schedule is finalized before submitting this form.

Please allow up to 10 business days after submission for your request to be reviewed.

The Transfer Credit Approval form is for undergraduate majors in the College of Education only. If your major falls under a different college, please speak with your respective advising office for permission to enroll off-campus.

Enrollment Information
Number of hours you plan to take at UNT while enrolled at transfer institution.
Total = Number of hours to be taken at UNT + Number of hours to be taken at transfer institution
List all courses you plan to take at the transfer institution by TCCNS (Texas Common Course Numbering System)

Please type your initials and your name to indicate that you have read, understand and agree to the Conditions for Transfer Credit Approval.

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