TE&A General Scholarship Application

Contact Information
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This application is intended for students who are currently in the program.

If you expect to be admitted before the scholarship application deadline you may proceed but if you are not admitted before that date your application will be withdrawn from consideration.

Scholarship Questionnaire
Undergraduate Scholarship Questions

You may not qualify for this application.

Please call 940-565-2922 for assistance with this application.

Graduate Scholarship Questions

If you are not meeting this requirement at the time of the application deadline your application will be withdrawn from consideration.

Full time is 12 credit hours for undergraduates, 9 hours for graduates.
To the hundredths decimal place. If you are a transfer student or a newly admitted please enter your cumulative GPA.
Essay Questions

When you respond to the short essays below, keep in mind the following points:

  • Your responses should be tied directly to the questions posed. With this is mind, please refrain from writing about your financial situation or need. This part of the scholarship process is concerned with your experiences and career goals.
  • Use specific evidence to make arguments; Avoid vague language (e.g., I am excited to use ideas from my program to be a better teacher).
  • Have someone you trust read over your responses to provide any feedback and/or make edits.