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Due to a recent change to the Tk20 system, these videos are being updated. Links will be updated as videos become available.

Tutorials for UNT Denton Campus

All Students

Turning in an assignment in Tk20

Accessing the assignment
Attaching and submitting your work

Assignments that don't require uploads

What if you need to make changes after submission?
Or: Written directions for turning in an assignment in Tk20

EDEE 3320 Tutorials

• For TDI & Teacher Inteview Report directions see "Turning in an Assignment in Tk20" above.
Undergrad EC-6 and 4 through 8 - Checkpoint 1 Tutorial

EDBE 5582 Tutorials

Post Bac Elementary - Portfolio Part A Tutorial

PDS 1 Intern

PDS 1 Intern Completing the PDS 1 Binder
PDS 1 Intern - Checkpoint 2 Tutorial

EDSE 4500

TNT Preliminary Portfolio Tutorial

EDSE 4840

EDSE 4840 Observation Activities Booklet

PDS 2/Student Teaching Tutorials

Student Teachers - Field Binder Part 1 - Complete at Beginning of Semester
Student Teachers - Field Binder Part 2 - Complete by End of Semester
Student Teachers Undergrad EC-6 and 4-8 - Checkpoint 3 Tutorial
Student Teachers TNT – Final Portfolio Tutorial
Student Teachers Undergrad Secondary - Portfolio Tutorial

Supplement to Undergrad Secondary – Portfolio Tutorial

Student Teachers Post Bac Middle, Secondary, and All-Level - Portfolio Tutorial
Student Teachers Post Bac Elementary - Portfolio Part B Tutorial

Practicum Tutorials

Practicum Students - Field Binder
Practicum Students - Middle, Secondary, and All-Level Portfolio First Semester
Practicum Students - Middle, Secondary, and All-Level Portfolio Second Semester
Practicum Students - EC-6 Portfolio Part B

IMPACT Tutorials

IMPACT Students Field Binder
IMPACT Students Portfolio

EDAD Tutorials

EDAD 5500 Internship Tutorials

Action Plan Part 1
Action Plan Part 2
Internship Documentation

Faculty Tutorials

Log in to Tk20
Change due dates
Integration with Blackboard – How it works
Return an assignment to student for editing
Stop students from submitting assignments late
View or change assessments

Cadre Coordinator Tutorials 

Cadre Coordinator - PDS 1 Binder
Cadre Coordinator - Portfolio Assessment

Supervisor Tutorials

Supervisors - Field Binders

Cooperating Teacher Tutorials

Cooperating Teacher - PDS 1
Cooperating Teacher - Student Teaching
Mentor Teacher - Practicum

Principal Tutorials

• Principals - Viewing Evaluations

Tutorials for UNT Dallas

EDUC 3320D Videos

Logging into Tk20 and Accessing Assignments Tk20
Turning in Assignments in Tk20
Making Changes After Submitting Assignments
Working with the Checkpoint 1 Portfolio

EDAD Videos

• EDAD 5330 Assignment Tutorial

Checkpoint Tutorials

Checkpoint 2 and 3 Tutorial