Tk20 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Tk20?

Tk20 is a comprehensive data management system that allows students to be active online participants in multiple areas of their college experience including course instruction, field experiences, and sharing of assessment data.

2. How long has Tk20 been in use?

The College of Education implemented Tk20 in all teacher education and programs for other school professionals at UNT Denton and UNT Dallas beginning in Fall 2009.

3. What is the cost?

The cost will be $100 plus tax when purchased directly from UNT's Tk20 site at From this website, you will be able to make a secure payment online using a Visa or MasterCard. Alternately, you may pay by mail via a cashier’s check or money order – details can be found on the same website.

Students may also purchase Tk20 from the UNT Bookstore. Please note that the prices may be higher at the bookstore, although purchasing there will allow students to get requisite compensation from financial aid, if eligible.

Student subscriptions will be effective for seven years from the date of purchase for the $100 accounts.

4. When are students notified about the requirement to purchase Tk20?

You will be informed about Tk20 at admission to your program or the first time you take a course requiring a Tk20 assessement. Multiple courses in each program are designated for collection of assessment data related to assignments or field experiences. Students need to purchase Tk20 before the end of the first week of any of these classes.

5. How much storage space will student have?

We will have ample space for student work. Storage space is limited only by the server space designated for students by the college.

6. Is Tk20 available on both Macs and PCs?

Tk20 is a web-based program that can be used easily by both Mac and PC users.

7. Is the system confidential?

Your files will be accessed only by you, your instructors, and advisors. Later on, with your permission, prospective employers may view designated portions of your file.

8. What if I experience problems with Tk20?

Please contact the Tk20 Unit Administrator at or call (940) 369-5157

9. What if I bought Tk20 by mistake?

Tk20 will offer refunds for student subscriptions as per the following policy:

To qualify for a refund your account must be completely unused (no logins).

For accounts completely unused, and a refund is requested within 30 days of purchase: Full refund.

For accounts completely unused, and a refund is requested between 31 days and 6 months of purchase: 50% refund.

No refunds will be issued after six months of purchase under any condition.


If you purchased Tk20 from your campus bookstore, please check the bookstore's refund policy. Tk20 will not be able to refund purchases made through your campus bookstore.

If you feel that you are eligible for a refund, please contact your Tk20 Unit Administrator and discuss the situation with them. They can contact Tk20directly and initiate the refund process.