TExES Exam Registration

Current students must meet all four criteria in order to sit for the TExES, BTLPT, or the TExMAT exams:

  • I am actively pursuing my certification at UNT.
  • I have been admitted to teacher education.
  • I am enrolled at UNT this semester.
  • I am aware of my program's recommendation on when I should take my exam(s).

Former students who have completed their certification programs/tracks should contact our office for instructions on how to register for the TExES exams.

Click here to download instructions on how to create your Texas Education Agency (TEA) and ETS (testing account)

Registering for your TExES, TExMAT, or BTLPT exams:

  • Visit the Texas Education Agency's website to create or log into your educator account. 
  • You will need to get your Texas Education Agency (TEA) ID number from your educator account.
  • Go to the ETS website at http://www.texes.ets.org to register for your exams. You will need to set up an account if this is your first visit to the website.
  • Note - During the registration process, you will only see the exam(s) that you have been approved for by UNT. Some exams are offered as paper-based tests (PBTs) and computer-administered tests (CATs). You will need to select either the PBT option or the CAT option. If you have any questions about the exams, please contact the TExES Advising Office.
  • Check the ETS website for instructions on printing your admission ticket(s) and what you will need to know on the day of the test.
  • Read the registration bulletin found on the ETS website for more information on: test cell phone policies, ID requirements, what to bring during the test, and arrival time.