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Certification Program Information

UNT currently offers a variety of teacher certification programs from interdisciplinary studies, to secondary and all-level education, to professional and student support services.  Students have the option to pursue certification through traditional (degree-seeking), alternative (non-degree seeking), professional, and vocational routes.  Students must be admitted to a certification program in order to be eligible to take the TExES certification exams and become certified in the state of Texas.  If you have not been admitted, or would like more information about the Teacher Education program at UNT, please contact the Student Advising Office at 940-565-2736.

Once you have been fully admitted to the Teacher Education program, you will become eligible for your state certification exams (Principals, Superintendents, School Librarians, School Counselors, Educational Diagnosticians and Career and Technical Education candidates must complete specific coursework before they are granted testing permissions).  Upon eligibility, you will be able to take practice exams free of charge through the TExES Advising Office (see available dates below). Students must complete all certification requirements, including passing all of their TExES exams before they will be eligible for certification. For more information regarding certification or the certification process at UNT, please visit our Teacher Certification page. Note: If you decide to change majors, switch certification areas, or discontinue from the Teacher Education program, your exam eligibility will change based on the situation. Students who opt to discontinue from the Teacher Education program will not be eligible for certification, even if you pass your exams.

For every certification track, students have a number of exams that are required by the State of Texas to prove competency in your field of study. Most programs have one content exam and one pedagogy exam, but if you are an ESL, Bilingual, or Special Education student, you will have additional exam requirements you will need to meet before being eligible for certification. Please refer to the specific TExES Flight Plan brochure below for more information on required exams, study resources and tips, and certification requirements for your program.

Core Subjects EC-6 (w/ESL, w/Bilingual, w/Special Education EC-12) Flight Plan

Interdisciplinary Studies Program for Grade Levels 4-8 Flight Plan

Secondary Education Flight Plan

All-Level Education (EC-12) Flight Plan

Please see our Resources page for a complete list of suggested study materials.

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TExES Practice Exams Dates and Registration

Fall 2018 TExES Practice Exam Dates:

Practice Exam Dates Registration Window

September 15, 2018 (Saturday)

July 23, 2018 - Sept 9, 2018

October 6, 2018 (Saturday)

Sept 10, 2018 - Sept 30, 2018

October 27, 2018 (Saturday)

Oct 1, 2018 - Oct 21, 2018

November 17, 2018 (Saturday)

Oct 22, 2018 - Nov 11, 2018

TExES Practice Exams are only open to UNT students who are currently enrolled and admitted to the Teacher Education program, OR have failed their certification exams and are required to remediate for additional exam attempts. Candidates may only take practice exams that are related to their certification program. Note: Students do not need to be taking summer classes to qualify for the Summer practice exams--you just must be a current student (i.e. not graduated).

Be aware that registration dates may change if we reach capacity before the deadline. We can only allow up to 200 registrations before we close the test session. Do not wait until the last minute to register. We do not allow any extenstions for registration, late adds, or additional testing days.

If you cannot attend a general practice exam session due to an extenuating circumstance, please email coe-tao@unt.edu for alternative options. 

Testing Accommodations: If you are requesting accommodations such as extended time, nondistractive testing environment, reader/scribe, enlarged font/alternate format, you must be registered with the Office of Disability Accommodation to receive your accommodations. You must email the TExES Advising Office prior to signing up for the practice exam to discuss your accommodation request.  Due to limited staffing at practice exams, we are unable to meet some requests. To ensure that you have fair and equal access to your practice exam, we advise that you schedule to take your practice exam through the ODA testing office in Sage Hall, Room 167.  You may request to take the practice exam at any time during the semester if you schedule with the ODA. Please email coe-tao@unt.edu if you have further questions about testing with accommodations.

Click here to register for the next TExES Practice Exam session.

School Librarian Candidates may take their practice exam at anytime during the year via Blackboard. Click here to request access to the School Librarian practice exam registration. The TExES Advising Staff must review all requests and manually add you to the Blackboard section, so please submit the form only once. You will receive an email when your request has been processed.

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TExES Testing Sequence

Many of our undergraduate teacher education programs have established a testing sequence that denotes when students should be taking their certification exams in order to help students be eligible for certification upon graduation and/or completion of their program. If you are an EC-6, 4-8, or Secondary level undergraduate student, click on the appropriate program below to view the testing sequence for your exams.

UNT highly recommends that students in all programs complete their content certification exam prior to their Student Teaching/Clinical Practice semester, and all other exams by the end of their final semester. Students must complete all exams required by the state for their program in order to become eligible for certification. If you have questions about which exams you are required to take, please refer to the appropriate TExES Flight Plan above, or come by the TExES Advising Office in Matthews Hall, Room 103 to speak with an advisor. As a reminder, UNT can only recommend you for certification after you have completed all requirements. If you have not passed all exams related to your certification program, you will not be eligible for certification.

As of September 1, 2015, test fees increased to $131 per exam and ancillary fees increased by $5. Please refer to the ETS Registration Bulletin for a complete list of fees.  Currently, UNT has no programs that offer assistance with the expense of your exams or certification fees. It is the student's responsibility to secure funding for exams, fingerprinting, and application fees related to the certification process. Members of the military and their spouses may be eligible for certain fee waivers in regards to certification expenses.

Also starting September 1, 2015, educator candidates may only take their certification exams a total of 5 times (1 initial attempt, 4 retake attempts). If a candidate is unsuccessful after the 5th attempt, the candidate must petition TEA for additional testing attempts.  TEA's decision is beyond UNT's jurisdiction and cannot be reversed by the program. It is in your best interest to utilize the resources available to you while you are a student and complete testing before you graduate or complete your program.  There are more resources available to you while you are a student than after you graduate. Please see our resources page for a current list of what the TExES Advising Office recommends for preparing for your exams.

Once you are ready to take your TExES exams, please review our information on how to register for your exams so that you understand the process. The TEAL/ETS Registration Guide will help you navigate how to register for your exams. If you need assistance in registering for your exams, please come by the TExES Advising Office in Matthews Hall, Room 103 during regular business hours, or schedule an appointment.  Please allow yourself up to 30 minutes to create your accounts.

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2017-2018 Exam Schedules and Registration Bulletin

TExES exams are offered on a continuous or limited administration schedule.  Continuous administration occurs on a daily basis, whereas limited administration exams are only offered during certain dates throughout the year.  It is vital that you know when your exam is offered and make sure that you are aware of registration deadlines.  It is recommended that you register for your TExES exams at least one month in advance in order to get your desired test date, time, and location.  Waiting until the last minute can mean missed testing opportunities, which can effect your certification.

Click on the links below to find out which exams are offered on a continuous or limited administration schedule.

Continuous Computer Administered Tests (CAT)

Limited– Administration Computer Administered Tests (CAT)

2017-2018 Registration Bulletin - We highly recommend that you read through all of the information contained in the Registration Bulletin.  This packet of information will go over all of the details of the TExES program, registration information, the test day, test results/score reporting and confidentiality of information. If you require accommodated testing, please review page 7 of the registration bulletin. You can also find out more information on how to register for testing accommodations on the ETS website.


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Teacher Certification Steps & Requirements

Steps to Teacher Certification - Do you know all the steps you must take to become certified?  Check out this page to find detailed information regarding the Certification process from start to finish.

Requirements for Certification based on Program- Based on your program, there are multiple requirements you must meet before UNT can recommend you for your certification.  On this page, you will find specific information related to your certificate.

Becoming a Teacher in Texas - Find out what the requirements are for becoming a teacher in the state of Texas.

Required Texas Certification Exams - See the current list of all TExES exams and dates certifications will be expiring.

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