Testing Information

ETS Cellphone Policy

Test takers are not allowed to bring cellphones, smartphones (e.g. BlackBerry, iPhone), PDAs and other electronic or photographic devices into the rest center. Anyone found to be in possession of any of these devices inside the test center before, during, or after the test administration will be dismissed, their test fees will be forfeited, and their scores will be canceled. Test administrators are not permitted to collect and hold cellphones. If test takers bring cellphones into the test center and then have to leave to store them in their vehicles, they must be back before the doors to the test center are closed. Once the doors to the test center are closed, no one will be admitted, even if they have already been in the test center and left to store a cellphone. If test takers are dropped off, they must not have their cellphones in their possession. if they do, they will not be admitted to testing. Please remind your interns/educators of this policy.

ETS ID Requirement Policy

Test takers must bring valid and acceptable identification documents to be admitted to the test. Please remind your educators to be sure to read and understand the ID requirements and test center procedures and regulations in the Registration Bulletin and on the ETC TExES website prior to the text administration. It is not the responsibility of the test centers to relay these policies to the test takers.

Test Day - Admission Tickets

Candidates will be required to print their admission tickets from their testing accounts on the ETS TExES website at www.texes.ets.org. Paper admission tickets will no longer be mailed to any candidates. Also, candidates will no longer be mailed a paper score report. Score reports will be posted on the ETS TExES website on the score reporting date and will be viewable for 90 days after posting. Candidates should be encouraged to print a copy for their records. Re-printings of the score report will no longer be available.

Test Center Security Measures

Test Centers will begin fingerprinting and photographing all test takers as confirmation of their identity. As this will take additional time during check-in, all test takers are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the test start time. Test takers refusing to comply with these security measures will be dismissed from the testing center and will forfeit all fees.