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How to Establish your TEAL Educator Account and Register for TExES Exams

Step 1: Set up your TEAL Educator Profile and complete background information. For instructions, please see pages 2-3 of our TEAL Educator Account Access guide.

Step 2: Retrieve your TEA ID number from your TEAL Educator Profile. For instructions, please see Page 7 of our TEAL Educator Account Access guide.

Step 3: Create your Pearson testing account. For instructions, please see pages 2-5 of our TExES Exam Registration guide.

Step 4: View appointment availability (exams can only be scheduled 170 days in advance).

Step 5: Select the exam you wish to take and pay the exam fees. For instructions, please see pages 6-11 of our TExES Exam Registration guide.

Step 6: Schedule your exam by selecting the desired testing location, date, and time. For instructions, please see pages 12-15 of our TExES Exam Registration guide.




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Pearson Testing Policies

Pearson VUE proctors TExES exams by appointment, year round. Test appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Exam registration fees are $116 (additional fees may apply) and must be paid using a credit card (VISA or MasterCard only) or a debit or check card that carries the VISA or MasterCard logo and that can be used without the entry of a personal identification number (PIN). Bank cards without a VISA or MasterCard logo cannot be accepted.

Please note: Pearson requires you to pay for your exam (during the registration process) before you schedule it. Your registration is valid for 170 days from the date of issue. If you do not schedule an exam appointment and take your exam within 170 days of registering and paying for it, or withdraw your registration within 170 days, your registration will expire and you will receive no refund or credit of any kind.  Registering and paying for the exams is a two-step process, so please be sure to complete both steps!

Most of the exams are offered on a daily basis with Pearson (except for BTLPT and LOTE exams). You can view available test centers and appointment times before registering or scheduling your exam by visiting the Pearson site and selecting the appropriate exams. BTLPT and LOTE appointment times and centers can be viewed here. Please be aware that there is no curently no testing center in Denton, and you will have to travel to the nearest available center for your exam.

If you are requesting Alternative Testing Arrangements for extra time, sign language, screen magnification greater than 200%, or Braille exam format, please be sure to review Pearon's policies and proceedures on how to submit documentation and register for your exams. You must complete the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form and submit supporting documentation before scheduling an appointment. Candidates who wish to request alternative testing arrangements should register as early as possible in advance of their desired test date because of the additional time needed to process the registration and to schedule the test administration.  You should wait to hear from Pearson about whether your request is approved or denied before you schedule your test appointment. Remember: Registering for the exam and scheduling the exam are two separate processes. 

Pearson also requires that you bring two forms of valid (unexpired) ID when you test. Primary IDs can include a Driver's License, State ID, Military ID, or passport. Documents must have your name, photo, and signuature visible on them. Do not bring photocopies or digital copies. Your supplemental or secondary identification may be any original and valid identification as long as it contains your name and a clear recognizable photograph, or your name and signature (such as a credit card). 

For more information about Pearson's testing policies and procedures, please visit the Pearson website.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) What is TEA/TEAL?

  • TEA stands for the Texas Education Agency, which is the entity that governs certification in the state of Texas.
  • TEAL stands for Texas Education Agency Login, and is the gateway portal to your TEA Educator Account. Through the TEAL portal you can update your security questions, permanent address, email, and phone number. The TEAL portal is also referred to as the "White Screen" by UNT.
  • Using the TEAL portal, you can access your TEA Educator Account (also referred to as the "Blue Screen" by UNT) where you will apply for certification, view the certificates that have been issued to you, and see the exams you have been approved for or have passed. 

Q.) I'm trying to create a TEAL account but it says I already have one, and I don't remember making one. Help!

When you were admitted to the Teacher Education program, UNT created an account for you with the Teacher Education Agency (TEA) and granted you testing permissions for the exams required by your certification field. In doing this, TEA assigned you an ID number, and sent you an email containing a username and password for the TEAL system so that you could log into your account in order to access your certification information. You will need to locate the information contained in the emails in order to log into your TEAL account.

If you do not still have, or did not receive, the emails containing your username and password, go to the TEAL Login Screen and click Forgot your username? The email address on file will either by your @my.unt.edu email or your EUID@unt.edu (ex. abc0123@unt.edu). For most students, the email will be your EUID@unt.edu. After you retreive your username, you can return to the site and click on Forgot your password? to repeat the process.

If you need assistance in setting up your accounts, please come by the TExES Advising Office during regular business hours, or schedule an appointment. Please allow yourself up to 30 minutes to create your account.

Q.) What is my TEA ID number and where can I find it?

Your TEA ID number is your unique educator identification number, and is assigned to you by TEA when you are admitted to the Teacher Education program at UNT. Essentially it is like the education version of your Social Security number. You can retrieve your TEA ID number by logging into your TEAL account. When you click on the Access Applications page, you will see a link that says Educator or View my Educator Certification Profile, and underneath that link will be your TEA ID number. You can also view your TEA ID number by clicking on that Educator/View my Educator Certification Profile link in your TEAL account, which will take you your educator profile, or the "Blue Screen", which is the site you will access to apply for and view your official teaching certificates.

Q.) I have multiple last names, but my ID only shows part of it. Can I still test?

The name on your ID must exactly match what is on file with TEA (view your educator account to find out what name is on file). If you need to change the name on file with TEA so that it matches your ID, you can submit a name change to TEA. For all name change requests, see page 8 of the TEAL Educator Account Access guide or visit the TEA website.

Q.) I just got married/divorced/legally changed my name, what do I do?

You will need to submit a name change to TEA. For instructions, see page 8 of the TEAL Educator Account Access guide or visit the TEA website.

Q.) When should I take my TExES exams?

If you are an undergraduate student, refer to your TExES Flight Plan for program specific information on when you should be testing. It is highly recommended that you pass all of your certification exams prior to starting your Clinical Teaching semester. A good rule of thumb is to start taking practice exams as soon as you are admitted to the Teacher Education program, and take your real exams the semester before you are scheduled to enter student teaching. Students who struggle with passing their certification exams will be referred to faculty or asked to complete additional remediation requirements to help them prepare for their next exam attempt. 

Q.) How much do the exams cost?

Exam fees are currently $116 per exam. Additional fees may apply.

Q.) Do I need to provide UNT with copies of my score reports after I pass my exams?

No. Your scores are automatically submitted to UNT. However, you should print and retain copies of your score reports in case you need to provide them to your hiring districts or graduate school admissions board.

Q.) What happens if I do not pass my TExES exam?

All students, regardless of program, are given a one-time approval for their exams.  Students who do not pass must complete strict remediation requirements before they will be allowed to retest. The TExES Advisor will be in contact via email after UNT receives your test scores. Please read that email carefully for instructions on what to do. By Texas law, educator candidates are only allowed to take their certification exams a total of 5 times (1 initial attempt, 4 retakes). If you are unsuccessful after the 5th attempt, you will have to petition TEA for the opportunity to retake the exam. It is in your best interest to take advantage of all resources while you are a student, and take your content exams prior to your Clinical Practice semester.  

Q.) How long do I have to take my exams?

Candidates have until their certification exams are no longer offered to take and pass the tests. Typically exams change and expire every 10 years, but may be sooner if the Texas Legislature votes to make changes to the certification programs. It is the candidate's responsibility to know about upcoming changes, and to be aware of when their exams will expire. Once you have graduated and completed your certification program, if your exams expire before you pass them UNT will not automatically grant you approval to take the new certification exams.


If you have a question that was not answered above, please contact our office at coe-tao@unt.edu for more information.

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