Scholar Competencies

Project TELL scholars are required to complete the following six competencies in order to ensure they are well prepared for leadership roles.  These competencies have been designed to provide advanced knowledge and practical experiences in addressing the needs of students with disabilities in high-needs schools.

The specific product-based competencies are as follows:

1) Submitting a grant application to federal, state, local or private agency seeking funding for improving outcomes for students with disabilities in high-needs schools.

Submission of a grant application is to be completed by the end of the first full year of coursework.

2) Conducting a presentation on research, program evaluation or effective strategies for improvement in high-needs schools.

Participation in research with a mentor will occur during the second year, with continued research throughout the third and fourth years, culminating in a national or state presentation during the final year.

3) Performing a program evaluation in a TELL partner district, school or region.

A program evaluation process will be carried out during the third year of coursework.

4) Submitting a manuscript for publication consideration that focuses on issues related to student performance in high-needs schools.

A manuscript will be submitted for possible publication during the third year of coursework.  Actual publication is not required in order to meet competency.

5) Developing a program improvement plan based on results of program evaluation.

A program improvement or intervention plan will be developed during the fourth year as a result of the program evaluation process the previous year.

6) Independently teaching a university course (only one course will be required).

An undergraduate or graduate course will be taught independently during the fourth year of the grant.