Course List

Please note - The courses as well as the applied experiences listed below are tentative. This list is to be used as an outline and/or plan only. It does not constitute any agreement and is not to be misconstrued as a degree plan. Each scholar will be advised individually on a regular basis according to their area of interest and other program requirements.

Tentative Coursework (including Applied Experiences)

1. Special Education Core (21 hours)

Advanced Trends and Issues in Special Education (3 hours)
Program Analysis in Special Education (3 hours)
Special Education and Public Policy (3 hours)
Advanced Studies in EBP in Special Education (3 hours)
Special Education Leadership Seminar (6 hours)

2. Educational Administration and Leadership (9 hours)

Personnel Administration in Public Schools (3 hours)
Administration and Supervision of Programs (3 hours)
Applied Experiences in School Reform (3 hours)

3. Research Methodology Core (24 hours)

Research Methods in Education (3 hours)
Single Subject Research (3 hours)
Survey Research in Education (3 hours)
Multiple Regression Analysis (3 hours)
Educational Statistics (3 hours)

Dissertation (9 hours)

4. Educational Psychology PhD Core (9 hours)

Classical and Modern Educational Measurement Theory (3 hours)
Foundations of Educational Psychology (3 hours)

Technology in Research (3 hours)
Grant Writing (3 hours)

5. Special Education Specialization (6 hours)

Two specific courses related to an area of concentration (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorders or Mild/Moderate)

6. Internship in a high-needs PDS partner site (3 hours)

Supervise personnel for delivery of effective special education programming for high-needs students with disabilities


Participate in systems-change in high-needs school (target one outcome – raise performance of students with special needs; prevent identification of students under Special Education as a function of RTI supports; organize the delivery of early intervention supports).

7. Special Education Program evaluation practicum (3 hours)

8. Leadership Seminars

Participate in seminars including the Distinguished Lecture Series in RTI, PBS, High-Needs Schools, Children in Poverty, and Research to Practice applications.

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