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Press Release
Project NEXUS helps prepare educators to teach math and science to English language learners

UNT Announcement
U.S. Department of Education grant supports collaborative community partnership

NABE Announcement
President of NABE Receives Awards

Denton Record-Chronicle
UNT, Denton ISD team up to boost English studies

Quest for Quality
Project NEXUS selected as a Quest for Quality Initiative Honoree


Professional Development

Pre-service workshop

Project NEXUS Pre-service teachers SIOP workshop led by Dr. Cynthia Jaird, Region 10

Pre-service workshop

Project NEXUS Pre-service teachers SIOP workshop led by Jan Corona, Region 10

Region 10 Representatives
On April 13th representatives from Region 10 ESC, Denton ISD,  Lewisville ISD and UNT met together to plan the last year of the project. We discussed, the accomplishments of the project,  what and when we will have review sessions and professional development for the year as well as what the project will look like going forward into this last year.

The representatives from right to left are:
Back row: Sarah Guedry (LISD) Feyi Obamehinti (Region 10), Amy Washam (DISD), Dawn Osborne (Region 10) Daniel Baxter (UNT) Front row: Dr. Teresa Taylor (DISD), Dr., Rossana Boyd (UNT)

Project NEXUS pre-service teacher workshop
Project NEXUS pre-service teachers workshop

2015 NABE Conference
Daniel Baxter, Dr. Rossana Boyd, Dr. Karthigeyan Subramaniam, and Dr. Ricardo González-Carriedo
2015 NABE Conference, Las Vegas, NV

Region 10 Lecture
Presenter Beth Loughry of Region 10 spoke on teaching mathematics to English Language Learners

Project NEXUS


Drs Boyd and Subramaniam
Dr. Rossana Boyd and Dr. Karthigeyan Subramaniam
2014 NABE Conference, San Diego, CA

Bunch of People
Cindy Woods, TNT faculty, Feyi Obamehinti, Region 10 ESC, Shelby Grisett, UNT Graduate, Corrin Krewson, UNT Pre-Service Teacher, Carron Collier, faculty, and Rossana Boyd, Project NEXUS Director