The Advances in Research Designs Symposium (TARDIS) - 2014

Presentations from TARDIS speakers are now available for download.

The purpose of this symposium, coordinated by the UNT Office of Research Consulting, is to expose the student and researcher communities to advances in research methods and analyses. All presentations are centered on discussing advances in methods to a wide audience rather than a highly specialized group of researchers.

Discussion Panel

Dr. Todd Little, Dr. Tony Onwuegbuzie, Dr. Abbas Tashakkori, Dr. Bruce Thompson and Dr. Robin Henson sharing on being a good and productive researcher.

Dr. Kim Nimon

Commonality analysis in regression being presented by Dr. Kim Nimon

Featured Speakers

Todd Little (Texas Tech University) – Planned Missing Designs Analyses
Bruce Thompson (Texas A&M University) – Bootstrapping Techniques
Tony Onwuegbuzie (Sam Houston State University) – Mixed Methods Research

Other topics of discussion will include big data analyses, latent semantic analysis, factor analysis, growth mixture modeling, etc.

Conference Agenda

Dr. Grant Morgan

Uses and approaches to classification/clustering, Dr. Grant Morgan


The symposium is free (and includes food and refreshments) for registered participants.

Please register using our online form, and please encourage your students to attend this symposium!

Friday, November 7, 2014
8:00am - 4:30pm (Reception @ 5:30pm)

Dr. Endia Lindo

The Meta on Meta Analysis by Dr. Endia Lindo

Gateway Center Room #43/47
University of North Texas (UNT)
801 N. Texas Blvd, Denton, TX 76201

Call for Student Presentations

The symposium will feature student roundtable sessions.

Please submit your abstracts by Wednesday October 15, 2014.

Dr. Akihito Kamata

Dr. Akihito Kamata presenting on factor analysis and its relationship to item response


University of North Texas College of Education
Department of Educational Psychology