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With the support of Toulouse Graduate School, College of Education, and the faculty of Educational Psychology Department we are poised to impact the quality and quantity of scholarship across campus. The director and other affiliated faculty are experts in Research, Measurement, and Statistics. They are widely published in leading education research journals and have served as evaluators of several successful federal and international grants. ORC staff members are advanced doctoral students in the Research, Measurement and Statistics program of EPSY, under the direction of a faculty advisor.  They have diverse training and expertise in many advanced data analytic methods and software packages. 

Collaborating as consultants/co-PIs on grants is the top priority for ORC. All grants require an evaluator to ensure that the delivered project meets its objectives. We work closely with PIs and grant teams to produce methodologically stronger proposals. Secondary data analysis and analyzing big data sets is one of our specialties.

We also archive publicly available national and international datasets for use by students and faculty to further their statistical understanding and apply to secondary data-analysis grants (e.g. the AERA Grants program).

Assisting students with planning of and analysis of data for dissertations and theses is another major activity. These services are offered to advance students' understanding of research and analysis in order to develop their own research skills.  Students requiring assistance with a given methodological or data analytic procedure should have at least some training in the procedure prior to seeking ORC advice.  Lab assistance should not be expected as a substitute for enrollment in courses.

Consulting and advice on theses and dissertations are clearly secondary to the direction provided by a student's Major Professor and dissertation committee.  Therefore, students are urged (a) to request and utilize ORC assistance in close coordination with their Major Professors and their committees, and (b) to communicate the requirements/advice of their Major Professors and the committees with their ORC consultant.  ORC is intended as an additional level of support, and NOT a replacement, for Major Professors.

Pending other obligations and availability of resources, the office offers limited tutoring to students.  Tutoring sessions are not designed as substitutes for class attendance and/or independently doing class homework/assignments.

The staff are under ethical obligation to provide assistance only to the degree that the assignment can still be regarded as the work of the student.  Further, the office will under no circumstances provide answers/direct solutions to "take home" examinations and/or projects that are clearly designed for independent student work. Although ORC staff are well versed in several advanced data analytic procedures, specific issues may occasionally arise that are beyond the scope of their expertise.  In these cases, the staff will make every effort to suggest other sources of assistance.

Our Team


Dr. Abbas Tashakkori

Abbas Tashakkori is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Educational Psychology, also serving as the Faculty Adviser to ORC.  His doctoral and post-doctoral studies was in Social Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Before joining UNT in 2009, he served at Florida International University, Louisiana State University, Stetson University, in the U.S., and Shiraz University in Iran.  He has published extensively about education and social mobility, attitudes and self-perceptions, bilingual, minority, and gender issues, school/educational effectiveness evaluation, and research methodology. He has published five authored/edited books, including the Sage Handbook of Mixed Methods in Social and Behavioral Research (with Charles Teddlie), and has served as the Founding Editor (with John Creswell) of the Journal of Mixed methods Research.

Dr. Abbas Tashakkori

Consulting Staff

Genéa Stewart (genea.stewart@unt.edu)

Genéa is a doctoral student on the Educational Psychology Department’s Research, Measurement, and Statistics track; as a first-year student in the program, she works with the ORC team members to facilitate client understanding and application of basic statistical methods. Genéa holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Howard University, and a Master’s in Experimental Psychology from Brooklyn College. She is also a 2003 Teach For America, Philadelphia corps member. She has experience teaching undergraduate level statistics and research methods courses, and will teach Reading and Understanding Research (3013) during the Fall 2018 semester. Genéa’s research to date has focused on college students’ help-seeking attitudes and mental health literacy. She has also assisted with instrument design and report writing for program evaluations focused on youth development, civic engagement programming and school-based interventions.

Genéa Stewart

Jay Raadt (Jay.Raadt@unt.edu)

Jay Schyler Raadt is a doctoral student in the Educational Psychology department with a concentration in Research, Measurement, and Statistics. He is also a husband, dungeon master, woodworker, and piecemeal supernaturalist. Jay studied social sciences at UNT and received a B.A. in 2012. After that, Jay taught math, Spanish, and English as a Second Language in a Title-I elementary school where assessment data informed differentiated lesson planning. He wants to help teachers combine their professional judgements with assessment data in order to make useful decisions for individual learners. This includes the use of expectancy theory and longitudinal research designs.

Jay Raadt

Marcus Fagan (Marcus.Fagan@unt.edu)

Marcus is a doctoral student in the Educational Psychology department with a concentration in Research, Measurement, and Statistics. He earned his B.S. in Biology from the University of North Texas in 2012 and proceeded to teach English in South Korea before moving back to the United States to pursue a doctoral degree. He is interested in exploring the relationship between biometrical genetics and psychometrics.

Marcus Fagan

Trey Dejong (Trey.Dejong@unt.edu)

Bovines, Badlands and Bibles. These three Bs best represent Trey’s early background. He grew up on a ranch in the Badlands of South Dakota, and spent much of his life surrounded by the Christian faith. Partway through high school, he started spending his summers as a camp counselor for Victory Center Bible Camp near Ft. Pierre, South Dakota. It was this experience that drove his Undergraduate interests at North Dakota State University. While continuing to serve at bible camp in the summers, he spent the school years working as a research and learning assistant in developmental and social psychology. He found particular interest in the interactions and relationships of pre-adolescent and adolescent children. Having received his Undergraduate degree in Psychology from NDSU in the Spring of 2016, he will be continuing his pursuit of these interests at the University of North Texas in the Fall of 2016. Attaining a PhD here, he plans to research relationships, the transition of research to policy, educational approaches and of course the methodological and statistical processes by which these topics are studied. Personal interests include listening to and making music, theological study, people, football, and sharks.

Trey Dejong

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