College of Education Faculty help staff earn GEDs

Staff interested in earning their GED, or high school equivalency diploma, have a new resource in the free President’s EDGE program.

The President’s EDGE - Employee Directed General Education - aims to provide an engaging experience to staff members interested in earning their GED regardless of academic background or language abilities.

The program is sponsored by the president’s office and classes are free for participants. Program organizers will work with staff to arrange class schedules and evaluate individual needs.

"We are committed to meeting the wide range of needs of the staff participants," said Carol Revelle, program director and College of Education lecturer. "We have developed the curriculum to flexibly respond to varied academic levels, and we have provided class times that work around the multiple shifts used by the university."

The program currently has more than 40 participants, and has support from departments across campus, Revelle said. Earning a GED can take from one to three years, and scholarships are available for participants to take the GED test.

The program is accepting donations. Needs include computers, printers, whiteboard and office supplies. An account has been set up to accept monetary donations.

President V. Lane Rawlins has challenged the campus to include EDGE donations in the We Care We Count faculty and staff giving campaign. The president will match donations to EDGE and to schoarships during the annual campaign, which continues through May 4.

-Leslie Wimmer, News Promotions

Originally published in UNT InHouse - April 4, 2012