Spring 2013 Early Registration is coming...

Are you prepared?

Ready, Get Set...

1) Log into MyUNT
2) Log in with your EUID (your initials and four digits assigned, e.x. unt0123) and Password
*Forgot your EUID and/or Password? Go to https://ams.unt.edu
3) Scroll Down the page – Enrollment Dates are on the right side of the page
4) Click details for additional information

Or click here for a schedule of enrollment times.


enrollment schedule on ESSC site

On Hold?

Academic Holds will show up on your my.unt.edu student center. Prior to registering for classes you must remove your hold(s) listed on right side of your my.unt.edu Student Center as shown below:

Description of holds section on myUNTDescription of holds section on myUNT

Have an 'Advising Required' hold?
If you are on academic alert, probation, or suspension, you are required to meet with your advisor in person to get your code. See bottom of the page for instructions regarding setting up an appointment.

Get Good Advice – Make a Date

Once you know your enrollment time, schedule an appointment with your advisor as soon as possible Academic Advisor’s available appointments fill up weeks in advance. To avoid a lengthy wait call 940-565-2736 or stop by the Student Advising Office in Matthews Hall 105 to schedule your appointment today.

If you do not schedule an advising appointment prior to the start of early registration it is recommended you register as soon as early registration begins and then follow up with an advising appointment to check your schedule.

Do Your Homework

1) Log into MyUNT
2) Log in with your EUID (your initials and four digits assigned, e.x. unt0123) and Password
*Forgot your EUID and/or Password? Go to https://ams.unt.edu
3) Under Student Center tab, select "My Academics" then "Run Audit" then "Go" and finally "View Audit" to view your interactive audit.

Steps to automated audit

Compare Notes

Click here to see which classes are being offered, then see which classes are available.

1) Click here to search classes.
2) Click "View All Sections" to see all available course sections
3) Click "Section" link to read the course info, course description and prerequisites/co-requisites

Class Sections Listing

How Are You Doing?

Estimate your grades in your current courses using the GPA calculator. Your advisor will ask how you are doing.

Get to Your Appointment

Don't forget to write down any questions you might have for your advisor.


Make sure to enroll during your scheduled time!

Am I blocked from enrolling in selected 3000 or 4000 education related courses?

If your major requires admission to Teacher Education, you will be blocked from enrolling in junior/senior level teacher education courses until you have been admitted to Teacher Education. Additional information is available by clicking here. Select Degree/Major Requirements to review your program.

Will I need permission numbers to register?

If you get an 'Error' message asking for a permission number, you must request the course permission number from the academic department offering the course (i.e. for permission to take a KINE course, contact the Kinesiology department in the PEB building).

Remember - Green means Go! Red Means No!

Your registration process is not complete until you have finished all three required steps and see a green box next to each course that says 'Success.' If you have completed step three and you see a red box marked 'Errors,' then you are not yet enrolled in that course. Read the error message to find out why you cannot register for the class.

We're Ready... Are You?