What is the TExES (Texas Examinations of Educator Standards)?

TExES represent state-mandated teacher tests in Texas. Teachers in Texas must demonstrate competency in both teaching and in their subject area. More information about TExES may be found by visiting the following website:


When do I take the TExES?

Students who have been admitted to the program are advised to immediately register to take the subject TExES. All students should register to take the subject TExES during the first course, EDCI 5010. The Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) TExES is taken during EDCI 5030 when all four courses in the online program have been successfully completed. The tests dates are posted on the following website:


Where can I find information about study guides and preparation manuals for TExES?

TExES study guides and preparation manuals with sample tests can be downloaded from the State Board for Educator Certification website:


If you are interested in purchasing prep materials and/or attending test preparation seminars, there are a number of TExES websites that contain information that will help you. Please use the following links to locate study guides and seminar information related to passing the TExES:


How do I register for the TExES?

All candidates are provided with information before and/or during the mandatory orientation meeting for EDCI 5010. Please consult our office (940.565.3319) for information about deadlines for applying to take TExES during the academic year. Go to the following website to register for these tests. View the section titled, "Registering for Your Tests."