About the Program

The Online Teacher Certification Program was designed for mature students who have a bachelor's degree and want to earn initial secondary teacher certification at the graduate level.

The program consists of 12 graduate credit hours and a 6 hour mentored internship. Content for all four courses is delivered 100% online. English Language Arts and Reading candidates may be required to complete up to two additional reading courses in order to meet the state requirements. Contact the program advisors for information about reading coursework.

Why learn online?

A number of aspects differentiate the online teacher certification courses from those offered in a traditional setting. These characteristics include:

  • Each course has set time constraints to complete various segments. This feature is designed to promote cohesiveness and peer-tutoring arrangements among individuals in the cohort.
  • Course objectives are highly detailed and tightly linked to evaluation practices.
  • Every course is specifically aligned with TExES requirements.
  • Multicultural concepts are interwoven into each course to address the increasingly diverse student population.
  • Technology applications and projects are interwoven into each course to equip teachers with technological skills that are prerequisite to effective teaching practices in a contemporary society.
  • Formative, summative, and authentic assessment is included throughout the curriculum. A professional portfolio will be created and maintained to demonstrate professional growth and accomplishments.
  • Instructors are accessible to students via email, telephone, and during face-to-face visits.

Why earn your teacher certification at the University of North Texas?

Education professors at UNT combine years of experience in research and teaching with diverse interests to bring you a teacher preparation curriculum among the finest in the Southwest. In addition, UNT ranks fourth in the nation in the number of professional educators trained and is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. The coursework taken as a part of the Online Teacher Certification Program can be used to complete a Master's Degree in Teaching at UNT, allowing the new teacher to continue to enhance their professional development.

General Questions

  • Must I maintain continuous enrollment to remain in the program?
    Students must maintain continuous enrollment and maintain acceptable progress during the fall and spring semester to remain in the program. Students who do not maintain continuous enrollment or make acceptable progress will be dropped from the program. If the student is enrolled in a teaching internship, then the employing school district will be notified.
  • How do I get a certification plan?
    Students who complete the admission requirements for the program will be provided with a certification plan. It takes approximately 2-3 weeks to process an application to the Toulouse Graduate School.
  • What are causes for dismissal from the program?
    The student does not maintain continuous enrollment in the fall and spring semester.
    The student cannot pass a criminal background check.
    The student drops out of the internship or student teaching.
    The student is dismissed by the school during internship or student teaching.
    The student has less than a 3.0 average in the Online Program coursework.
    The student violates the Texas Code of Ethics for teachers.
  • Can graduate and undergraduate education courses taken at UNT be combined for certification purposes?
    Contact program advisors for information about what courses can be combined.
  • How old can education coursework be for consideration in a certification program?
    Courses must be no older than four years. Please contact program advisors for more information.
  • How can I apply the coursework taken in the Online Teacher Certification Program to a master's degree in secondary education?
    Students must take the GRE in order to be considered for the Master's program.

M.Ed in Teaching

Coursework taken in the Secondary Post Baccalaureate Online Teacher Certification Program may be applied to the Master's Program in Teaching.

Students must meet the minimum requirements including GRE scores in order to be considered for the Master's program.

Additionally, students must change their status from "nondegree seeking" or "certification only" to "master's degree seeking" for teaching. No more than 12 hours of coursework taken as a "nondegree seeking" or "certification only" student can be transferred to the master's degree program.

Students should gain acceptance to the Master's Program in Teaching prior to completion of 12 hours of coursework in the Secondary Post Baccalaureate Online Teacher Certification Program. This will allow for all 18 hours taken toward teacher certification to be applied to the master's program.