Lab Policies

General Lab Policies

  • All labs operate on a first-come first-serve basis. No reservations will be made for single users or groups. Students must present their current University ID card if requested by lab personnel.

  • If a user leaves the lab for more than 20 minutes, the computer will log the user out of the station and any unsaved files will be lost. Any remaining personal materials will be considered abandoned.

  • Items and materials left behind by visitors are considered abandoned. Lost Student ID cards and other important items are taken to the Dean's Office in MH 117. Other items will be kept in the lab's Lost and Found for a period of two weeks. The University is not responsible for lost or abandoned materials.

  • There will be absolutely no loud talking, smoking, chewing tobacco, eating, or drinking from uncovered containers in the lab areas.

  • Only one user will be allowed per station in the main lab so that all users may be provided a quiet, non-distracting atmosphere in which to work.

  • The lab staff have the authority to oversee our policies and procedures, and uncooperative users will be denied access to the lab.

Printing Policies

  • Printing will be provided ONLY to UNT students as it relates to their course work.

  • Single sided print may be printed in 20 page increments. Double sided print may be printed in 40 page increments.

  • Absolutely NO special paper printing or transparencies.