Behavioral Specialist Certificate

The Behavioral Specialist Certificate is designed for individuals who desire to provide services to students with behavioral challenges (e.g., classroom teachers, behavioral consultant, crisis intervention teacher).

Admission Requirements

1.         Completion of a Bachelor's or Master's Degree with specialization in Special Education. (May be done concurrently.)
2.         Complete an online application to the UNT Toulouse Graduate School.
3.         Completion of at least one full year (or its equivalent) teaching students with special
4.         Provide a resume that includes the candidate's previous work and educational experiences.
5.         A photocopy of the candidate's teaching credential.

Course Requirements for Certificate (applicant must meet course prerequisites, if any)

EDSP 5320 - Introduction to Functional Assessment (3 hours)
EDSP 5330 - Classroom and Behavioral Management Strategies for Exceptional Learners (3 hours)
EDSP 5600 - Characteristics of Children/Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (3 hours)
EDSP 5615 - Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (3 hours)
EDSP 5620 - Educational Programming for Children/Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders (3 hours)

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