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Students pursuing any certification through the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (Family and Consumer Science, Hospitality, Nutrition and Food Science, or Human Development and Family Studies) must register for their content exam through the AAFCS website using a code provided by UNT whenever the student is ready and eligible to test. Eligibility requirements are determined by the following: 1.) students must be admitted to Teacher Education, 2.) students must have a certification plan on file with the COE Student Advising Office, and 3.) students must maintain current enrollment, or have graduated/completed all program requirements.

How to get your Approval Code

To request your Approval Code you will need to complete our AAFCS Exam Application and return it via email to COE-TAO@UNT.EDU or via fax to 940-565-2728 (ATTN: TAO).

The TExES Advising Office will process your request within 10 business days, respond via email with your AAFCS Approval Code, and will include step-by-step instructions on how to register for your FCS exam.  All AAFCS Approval Codes are one-time use only.  Students must obtain a new code for each AAFCS registration. Students are only elgible for the exam related to their certification. Registering for an exam outside of your program will result in a delay of your certification.

Please contact the TAO should you have any questions regarding testing.  You can also find more information concerning your exam and certification, as well as view the registration bulletin, by visiting AAFCS.org.

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Preparing for your AAFCS Certification Exam

Resources for the AAFCS exams are limited, so be sure to talk to your faculty for recommendations on the best materials available to help you study for your exam. By reviewing the AAFCS Study Guide, you can familiarize yourself with the exam specifications and material you might be tested on, and test your knowledge on the available sample questions.

You may also check out books published by Mometrix from the TExES Advising Office, or chose to purchase your own materials from various sources.  Please be aware that the AAFCS does not endorse any materials or resources published by outside companies.

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Preparing for your TEXES PPR EC-12 Exam

AAFCS certification students are required to take the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-12 (160) exam in addition to their content exam in order to be certified in the state of Texas. Students may take a practice exam and check out materials from the TExES Advising Office to prepare for the PPR EC-12 exam. Click here to view our practice exam dates and register for the current practice exam session. You can also view our Exam Resources page to find other suggested materials to study for the PPR EC-12 exam.

When you were admitted to the Teacher Education program, UNT created an account for you with the Teacher Education Agency (TEA) and granted you testing permissions for the exams required by your certification field. In doing this, TEA assigned you an ID number, and sent you an email containing a username and password for the TEAL system so that you could log into your account in order to access your certification information. You will need to locate the information contained in the emails before you can start the process of registering for your exams. If you do not still have, or did not receive, the emails containing your username and password, please contact TEAL Support at 512-936-8400 (option 1) and tell the customer service representative that you need help retrieving your username and password for your TEAL account.

Once you have your username and password to the TEAL system, follow our TEAL/ETS Registration Guide to step up your accounts and register for your TExES PPR EC-12 certification exam.  You do not need an approval code for the PPR EC-12 exam. 

For more information about how to register for your PPR EC-12, please visit our Registering for TExES Exams page.  

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Achieving your Professional Certification

After you have passed your AAFCS content exam and your TExES pedagogy exam, you will receive notification from AAFCS on how to become a member of their organization. This is not the same as receiving your Texas teaching certificate. After you graduate or have completed your program, and your degree and grades have been posted to your official UNT transcript, you will be eligible for certification. You will apply for certification through the TEAL system on the Texas Education Agency website. Visit our Educator Certification page for more information and a step-by-step guide on how to apply.  Please familiarize yourself will all certification requirements on the AAFCS website prior to graduation. All questions regarding credentialing and membership through the AAFCS should be directed to the AAFCS Credentialing Center.

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