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Lisbeth Dixon-Krauss, Ph.D. is Associate Dean for Educator Preparation Programs and Professor of Education at the University of North Texas, where she joined the faculty in 2009. Her research and scholarly writing focuses on applications of socio-cultural theory to literacy development and instruction. Prior to coming to UNT, Dr. Dixon-Krauss was on the faculty of Florida International University in Miami, FL, where she served as Department Chair of Curriculum and Instruction and Director of Doctoral Programs, and was awarded the Frost Professorship for excellence in research. She was also on the faculty at the University of West Florida where she served as director of the reading programs and the Wilson Reading Center. Dr. Dixon-Krauss received her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Florida and her M.Ed. in Reading Education.

Selected Publications

Dixon-Krauss, L.A., Januszka, C., & Chae, C. (2010). Development of the dialogic reading inventory of parent-child book reading. Journal of Research In Childhood Education.

Dixon-Krauss, L.A. (2008). The Dialogic Reading Inventory of Parent-Child Reading. Conference Proceedings of International Conference on Education, Economy, and Society, Paris, France.

Januszka, C., & Dixon-Krauss, L.A. (2008). Class size: A battle between accountability and quality instruction. Journal of Childhood Education.

Dixon-Krauss, L.A., Bleiker, C., Krauss, R. Chae, C, & Moredock, C. (2006). The Dialogic Reading Inventory: A Video Assessment Tool for Adult-Child Reading. Conference Proceedings of 4th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, January, 2006.

Dixon-Krauss, L.A. (2004). Summary of Reading Research [1995-2002]: Making Sense of the Recent Past and Near Future. Florida Reading Quarterly. 40(3), 14-20.

Dixon-Krauss, L. A (2002). Using literature as a context for teaching vocabulary. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 45, 310-318.

Dixon-Krauss, L. A. (with R. Harlin). (2001) Children’s aesthetic and ethnic involvement in response to multiethnic picture books. In Linek, E.G. Sturtevant, J.R. Dugan, & P.E. Linder,W.M. (Eds.), Celebrating the voices of literacy (pp. 80-91). Commerce, TX: College Reading Assoc.

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Dixon-Krauss, L. A. (1996). A mediation model for dynamic literacy instruction. Journal of Russian and Eastern European Psychology, 1, 78-85.

Dixon-Krauss, L. A. & Jennings, C. M. (1990). Adult literacy curriculum guide. Kraus Curriculum Development Library (KCDL), Adult Basic Education No. ABE A109, 62pp., Millwood, NY: Kraus International Publications. [Published with Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development]

Recent Grants

Educating Mothers and Babies in Early Readiness Skills (2004; 2005; 2006). Principal Investigator, Even Start Family Literacy Program, Florida Department of Education, $300,000 for 2004; $360,000 for 2005; $360,000 for 2006, Total: $1,020,000.00

Miami-Dade and Monroe County LEARN Project, Early Reading First Grant (2005-2008), Co-Principal Investigator for Assessment and Evaluation, United States Department of Education, $600,000.

Pathways to Teaching Project, Florida Atlantic University (2006-2010). Project Evaluator, Transition to Teaching Program, Office of Innovation and Improvement, United States Department of Education, $50,000

Science Academic Vocabulary for English Language Learners Project (2004-2005). Principal Investigator, Multi-University Reading, Mathematics and Science Initiative, Learning Systems Institute, Florida State University, Florida Department of Education, $160,000.

Recent Conference Papers

Januszka, C., & Dixon-Krauss, L.A. (April, 2009). An interdisciplinary study of reading education, music, and culture. Research paper presented at the American Education Research Association Annual Meeting, San Diego, California.

Dixon-Krauss, L.A., & Chae, C. (July, 2008). The dialogic inventory of parent-child reading. Conference Proceedings of the International Conference on Education, Economy and Society, Paris, France.

Chae, C., Januszka, C., & Dixon-Krauss, L.A. (November, 2007). Using Technology to Assess and Improve Early Literacy Skills. Research paper presented at the National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

Dixon-Krauss, L.A., Bleiker, C., & Krauss, R. (January, 2006). The Dialogic Reading Inventory: A Video Assessment Tool for Adult-Child Reading, Research Paper and Video Workshop presented at the 4th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dixon-Krauss, L.A., Chae, C., & Moredock, C. (November, 2005). Using Video Technology with an Even Start Program. Paper presented at the 11th Annual National Even Start Association Conference, Washington, D.C.

Dixon-Krauss, L.A., Chae, C., & Moredock, C. (May, 2005). Extending the PCHP into the Twenty-First Century with Video Technology. Paper presented at the Parent Child Home Program Annual Conference, Garden City, NY.

Harlin, R., & Dixon-Krauss, L.A. (November, 2005). Do You See What I See? Teachers’ Analyses of Responses to Picture Books. Paper presented at the 48th Annual Conference of the College Reading Association, Delray Beach, Florida.

Current Service in Professional Organizations

American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, University Representative

American Education Research Association, Conference Program Proposal Reviewer

Association of Childhood Education International, Editorial Board