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Associate Professor, Teacher Education and Administration
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Dr. Jeanne Tunks, Associate Professor, coordinated the Denton ISD/UNT Professional Development School program from 2000-2010. During that time, she pursued several research agendas, which included such issues as the effects of tutoring in mathematics by PDS interns on student achievement, the influence of certain planned activities on the perceptions of students as mathematics learners, and the nature of action research. Recently she began a five-year research agenda on the success or failure of immigrant students in the area of mathematics. To that end, she spent six months in Antigua, Guatemala, and in other parts of Guatemala, studying how children in Central America are taught mathematics in the elementary schools. The study continues into U.S. schools, particularly in Texas, to determine the relationship between methods in Guatemala and the U.S. She has also created an exchange program between U.S. and Guatemalan mathematics teachers.

Dr. Tunks teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Curriculum and Instruction, including a doctoral-level course addressing change management in schools.

Selected Publications

Tunks, J. (2012). Tutoring mathematics: Effect on professional development school (PDS) candidates' perception of teaching mathematics and effect on student achievement. In J. Ferrara (Ed.) Professional Development School Research Book Series, Volume 5. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

Tunks, J. (2012). Applying theory, practice, and Research: The key to the development of future elementary teachers in the PDS. Eagle Feather, Volume 10.

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Tunks, J., & Weller, K. (2009). Changing practice, changing minds, From arithmetical to algebraic thinking: An application of the Concerns Based Adoption Model (CBAM). Educational Studies in Mathematics; ISSN0013-1954 (Print) 1573-0816 (Online) DOI10.1007/s10649-009-9189-x.

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Recent Conference Presentations

Tunks, J. (2012). Research on early childhood mathematics and science research. Keynote address, Institute for the Promotion of Science and Technology, Bangkok, Thailand.

Tunks, J. (2012). Institutional to avoid inquiry: A historical study of a research-based professional development school partnership. Conference of the American Education Research Association, Vancouver, Canada.

Tunks, J. (2012). The mathematics and science of music for the early childhood teachers. Workshop, Institute for the Promotion of Science and Technology, Bangkok, Thailand.

Tunks, J. (2012). Bridging the gap: A study of Guatemalan primario mathematics education. Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society, San Juan, PR.

Tunks, J. (2011). The learning brain. Workshop, Colegio Boston, Antigua, Guatemala.

Tunks, J. and Ferri, A. (2009). The study of action research: A PDS candidate's action research plan. Conference of National Association for Professional Development Schools, Orlando, FL. (presentation with undergraduate students)

Tunks, J. (2009). The action of action research: The candidates' perspective. Conference of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego, CA.

Tunks, J. (2008). Teacher identity formation and the relationship to Maslow’s hierarchy of need. Conference of the American Educational Research Association, New York, NY.

Tunks, J., Anderson, A., & Olstowski, A. (2008). Fiesta de Noche de Matimatica: candidate transformation. Meeting of National Association for Professional Development Schools, Orlando, Florida. (presentation with undergraduate students)

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Tunks, J., & Neapolitan J. (2008). Connecting NCATE PDS standards to AERA research protocol. Meeting of the Holmes Partnership, Orlando, Fla.

Grants Awarded

2012 Charn Grant, Guatemala - U.S. Teacher Exchange, Principal Investigator

2009 TECERP, Hard-to-Staff Schools Grant, Texas Education Agency, Co-Principal Investigator

2009 Islamic Art and Geometry Project, UNT International Office, Principal Investigator

2008 Professional Development Schools, Principal Investigator

2008 American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, Implementation of the NCATE PDS Standards, Principal Investigator

2008-2009 Action Research Grant, Community in Kind and Denton District Grant Funding, Principal Investigator

Current Activities in Professional Organizations

American Educational Research Association: Election Chair, PDS Research SIG; Member, Research Action Committee (Ad Hoc), PDS Research SIG

American Association of Teaching and Curriculum, Curriculum Dialogues, Review Board Member

National Association of Professional Development Schools, Member