Psychoeducational Assessment

The Child and Family Resource Clinic offers psychoeducational assessment services to children ages 6 to 16. A team comprised of counseling and speech/language/hearing specialists conduct a thorough evaluation over a three-day period. The interdiscliplinary team meets following the evaluation to share knowledge and impressions gathered during the testing. Team members then meet with the child's parents to report their findings and make recommendations and suggestions for helping the child both academically and emotionally. This comprehensive assessment is offered to families with children and/or adolescents who are experiencing difficulties at school or home.

CFRC's psychoeducational assessment evaluates the following areas:

Intellectual functioning
Learning processes (e.g., visual vs. auditory learning)
Memory skills
Visual-motor integration
Behavioral functioning
ADHD screening
Anxiety and/or depression screening
Self-concept and self-esteem
Parent-child relationship

The speech/language/hearing evaluation assesses the following areas:

Articulation: ability to produce speech sounds
Expressive language: use of language including grammar and vocabulary in conversation and/or narratives
Receptive language: understanding of language including following directions and knowledge of word relationships
Voice: quality of voice
Fluency: rhythm of speech
Hearing screening: identify if further evaluation is needed regarding hearing ability and auditory processing skills
Reading: ability to read real and nonsense words; accuracy, speed, and comprehension when reading paragraphs
Writing: ability to construct sentences and paragraphs and use of mechanics
Math: use of basic calculation skills and math problem solving

For more information about the CFRC's psychoeducational assessment services or to schedule an appointment, please call our clinic at 940-565-2066.