Doctoral Students


Alan Chu: Doctoral candidate (ABD)

Alan’s research interests focus on motivation in sport and exercise among adolescents and young adults using self-determination theory and 2 × 2 achievement goal theory. He is especially interested in how relatedness support from coaches, peers, and parents influence youth athletes’ sport motivation as well as the associated physical and psychological outcomes.

Hongxin Li: Third-year doctoral student

Hongxin’s research interests focus on psychosocial determinants/correlates of school-aged students’ physical activity, adolescents’ physical activity and sedentary behavior, and the economic costs of physical inactivity.

Xiaoxia Zhang: Second-year doctoral student

Xiaoxia’s research interests focus on physical education teacher education, school-based physical activity interventions, supportive environments and physical activity promotion for individuals with and without disabilities.

JoonYoung Lee

JoonYoung Lee: Second-year doctoral student

JoonYoung's research interests focus on youth physical activity and health, and how physical literacy influence school-aged children's well-being and quality of life. Additionally, he is also interested in how supportive physical activity environments predict children's motivation to be healthy and physically active.