100% of Higher Education master's students employed soon after graduation

Within three months of receiving their master's degrees in higher education from the College of Education, every 2014 graduate who held a graduate assistant position within UNT's Division of Student Affairs had received a job offer in higher education. This perfect placement rate matches the success of the program's 2013 graduating class. Two of the seven students from the 2014 graduating class received job offers before graduating.

The alumni now serve as academic counselors, coordinators and hall directors at academic institutions across the United States, including Texas Tech University, UT Arlington and Creighton University.

"We are lucky to have outstanding students in our program," said Daniel Chen, associate professor in the department of Counseling and Higher Education and higher education program coordinator. "They study and work very hard. More importantly, they have a passion to serve other students and they use their professional knowledge and experiences to promote college student success. These master's graduates earned their jobs and I, along with all the faculty of the program, are very proud of them."

Graduate assistant positions are available for both master's and doctoral students, and may include acting as a research assistant or teaching undergraduate classes at UNT. The positions provide the students with real-life experience as they work towards their degrees.

"My graduate assistant positions taught me to take charge of situations, effectively communicate with a diverse group of people and continuously seek to make myself and my work better," said Lauren Longino, now the international student programs coordinator at The University of Tennessee. "I loved that my supervisors trusted me with a high level of responsibility and helped me find ways to take what I was learning in classroom and apply it to my job. They were more than just bosses, more like mentors, and I still keep in contact with them today."

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By Jessie Laljer, UNT's College of Education Development and External Relations Office
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