KHPR majors see bright future for job market

Students working in the Applied Physiology Lab collect and analyze oxygen and heart rate data. The lab specializes in research and education in the areas of physiology, health and nutrition.

When choosing a major, many students wonder, "Will there be a job in this field in four years? Would this major limit me to just one or two job possibilities?"

For those questions, our department of Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation (KHPR) has some encouraging answers.

"According the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there will be substantial job growth in a variety of professions related to degrees in Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation, Event and Sport Management," said Allen Jackson, chair of the KHPR department.

That predicted growth can be seen in the BLS's occupational handbook. Physical therapy and occupational therapy assistants both place near the top, expecting over a 40 percent increase at time of publishing. In addition, almost every field connected to KHPR is expected to have above average growth.

UNT offers a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, the preferred undergraduate degree for students who wish to pursue professional graduate programs and careers in the field.

With 1283 students, kinesiology is one of the most popular majors at UNT. The KHPR department is growing rapidly and now has over 1600 students. To meet these growing numbers, our faculty are working to provide additional opportunities and resources to help students get ahead in the field.

"Whether the student is an undergraduate or graduate student, adding service learning opportunities, internships, part time work and volunteerism to their education will increase their competiveness as a future employee," Jackson said.

The internships, as well as potential jobs for KHPR graduates, range from fitness and sports to medical therapy fields such as cardiac rehabilitation. The range and growth of the department mirror the emerging career demand that is expected to continue in the coming years.

Learn more about the department of Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation.

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By Jessie Laljer, UNT's College of Education Development and External Relations Office
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