Counseling alumnae receive national awards from Association for Play Therapy

Two COE alumnae were honored at the Association for Play Therapy 2014 annual conference in October.

Terri Gonzales ('12 Ph.D.) received the Student Research Award for her dissertation research, "Child Teacher Relationship Training as a head start: early mental health intervention for children exhibiting disruptive behavior."

Terry Kottman ('87 Ph.D.), director of The Encouragement Zone, received the Lifetime achievement award.

"I am both honored and humbled by getting the Lifetime Achievement Award," said Kottman. "I am grateful to the children I get to accompany in their play journey, to the students I get to mentor, to the teachers and parents who collaborate with me in the healing process for children, and to the professors and teachers who taught me so much and who gave me permission to 'dance to a different drummer.'"

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