Recreation Management Certification

Graduate Academic Certificate

The Graduate Academic Certificate in Recreation Management is a professional development certificate for those who already have a Bachelor’s degree in any field and some experience in Recreation and Leisure Services, and who want to focus on Recreation Management at the graduate level.

Program Contact: Dr. John Collins (

Admission Requirements

1) Successfully complete a bachelor's degree program with a GPA of 3.0 for the last 60 hours, or 2.8 overall.
2) Meet the requirements for admission to the Toulouse Graduate School.
3) Select "Recreation Management" as the program of study.
4) Complete all coursework within four years.

Course Requirements for Certificate (9 hours)

RECR 5050 – Administration and Supervision in Recreation & Sport (3 hours)
RECR 5060 – Areas and Facilities for Recreation & Sport (3 hours)

Choose one from:

RECR 5200 – Dynamics of Commercial Recreation and Tourism (3 hours)
RECR 5800 – Studies in Recreation (3 hours)
RECR 5850 – Proseminar in Leisure Services Management (3 hours)
RECR 5860 – Practicum in Leisure Services (3 hours)
RECR 5900 – Special Problems (Management in Therapeutic Recreation,  Management in Recreation, Sport, & Leisure, Fiscal Administration in Rec., Sport, & Leisure, Legal Dimensions of Rec., Parks, & Leisure) (3 hours)


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