Wendy Middlemiss featured in DFWChild articles on competitiveness, tragedy

Wendy Middlemiss, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology, is featured in two DFWChild stories:

Losing by Winning: How we teach our kids a destructive view of competition
"A life without comparisons isn't realistic," Middlemiss observes. But instead of pointing out how one kid is more talented than another, recognize the value of others' talents. "It's providing a broader canvas to look at and live in." Read the full story.

5 Tips for Talking to Kids About Tragedy: How to tell your kids about the events in Boston and West
"How do we acknowledge the bad stuff happening around us without deluging our kids – and ourselves? Dr. Wendy Middlemiss, associate professor of educational psychology at UNT, offers the following tips for discussing (or not discussing) difficult events with your children..." Read the full story.