UNT KHPR faculty show global, national reach

Faculty in the UNT College of Education’s Department of Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation have spent this week representing the department and demonstrating its expertise on a global and national scale.

John Nauright, new professor and department chair, will present the keynote speech at the European College of Sports Science Annual Congress in Vienna, Austria, on Saturday, July 9. The speech will be streamed live online via the ECSS web channel. The theme of the Congress is "Crossing Borders Through Sports Science," and Nauright’s speech will examine "Crossing Borders in Global Sport." The Congress consists of more than 2,800 delegates from around the world and is the leading sports science organization in Europe.

Stateside, KHPR faculty spoke at the National Strength and Conditioning Conference in New Orleans this week. Brian McFarlin, associate professor, spoke about the biological process of inflammation following muscle injury and identifying areas of this process that may be good targets for nutritional intervention. Jakob Vingren, also an associate professor, spoke about the effects of alcohol on exercise performance. The conference aims to bridge the gap between innovative science and applications in exercise and athletic performance. 


Photo: The European College of Sports Science Annual Congress in Vienna opened this week with a performance of Mozart concertos.