Student publishes children's book on understanding autism

wileyBrandie Wiley, a former student in the Autism Intervention program in the Department of Educational Psychology, has published a children's book inspired by her three adopted children: Laura, Koby and Troy. Why Won't He Look At Me? A Book for Children Struggling to Understand Autism was released this month.

"The book's first draft was written in Dr. Miriam Boesch's class last year for a class assignment," said Wiley. "After reading a study that found kids with autism are bullied at an alarmingly high rate, I thought that perhaps if kids were educated about autism at a younger age, they may be less prone to bully as they got older."

The book shines light on a subject not often discussed with small children and is intended to change perspectives on Autism at an early age.

"After writing it and receiving a good grade, I decided to try to get it published, and here we are, a year later!" she adds. "I'm so grateful to Dr. Boesch for starting me on this journey. I truly hope that it creates an opportunity for children and their caregivers to discuss autism that will lead to acceptance and understanding of kids with autism."

To learn more about the book and to see a calendar of upcoming appearances, visit Wiley's website: