Marc Cutright mentioned in Faculty Success story on Fulbright Scholars

Dr. Marc Cutright, Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Higher Education, is mentioned in this story as the "Fulbright future" on UNT's Faculty Success website: Fulbright Scholars Past, Present, and Future Bring Recognition to UNT

Fulbright Future
Marc Cutright, Associate Professor, Higher Education Marc CutrightDr. Marc Cutright

Marc Cutright has been named a Fulbright Scholar to Uganda for the 2013-14 academic year.  His primary appointment will be with Uganda Martyrs University, but he also will work and conduct research with the Inter-University Council for East Africa, the Uganda Management Institute, the National Council for Higher Education, and other higher-education-related entities.  Cutright has been interested in Africa since he was a child in the 1960s, during the independence era in that continent.  However,  his current interest is driven by two factors:  the connection between levels of higher education and economic growth and his numerous graduate students who have educated him on the challenges and opportunities in East Africa.

During his year-long stay, Cutright will work on further developing the "work college" model, under which every student on campus works to keep the university going. The result is that costs are cut and much lower tuition is available.  Even more importantly, habits of work, leadership, cooperation, responsibility, and innovation are developed.  In addition, Cutright will work with the Inter-University Council for East Africa, essentially the ministry of higher education for the political collective of Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi, on a plan to rapidly expand the production of PhDs by East African universities, and to contribute to the sustainability of those efforts.

From Cutright's perspective, as Africa goes in the 21st Century, so goes the planet.  "We can help maximize its enormous human and resource potentials through collaborative research provided through the Fulbright," he says.  "At the end of this adventure, I hope that I am remembered for taking what I know and applying it to solve a real-world problems."