Julie Leventhal offers tips in time for Valentine’s Day

From young love to long-lasting relationships, a courtship and marriage course at the University of North Texas explores romantic relationships and how they change across the life cycle.

Julie Leventhal, lecturer of educational psychology in UNT’s College of Education, teaches the class, which has about 42 students this semester. They discuss communication, conflict, mate selection, pregnancy, childbirth, family planning and work-life balance, among other topics. Students come from a variety of majors – including family and development studies, public affairs, business and journalism.

"Many students use the information on a personal level in their own relationships, but this class can help any type of professional," Leventhal said. "When working in a corporation, you will have people coming in with struggles in families and life, and even if you are not going to be in a relationship or have children, you need to know how to interact with others dealing with these issues. These are important personal skills."

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