GenTX Day at UNT introduces middle schoolers to campus, promotes college enrollment

This photo of the visiting students was featured in the Denton Record Chronicle on June 4 and photos from the day also received several awards in the GenTX PicTour contest, including First Place in the community category. Photo by Amy Mougey.

On May 2, nearly 200 seventh graders and 15 staff members from Calhoun Middle School in Denton ISD visited the UNT campus as part of GenTX Day, an annual initiative that celebrates college enrollment across Texas. UNT G-force members and Outreach staff coordinated the day for UNT. G-force is a group of students and staff that provides college enrollment guidance and support, academic tutoring and mentoring for prospective UNT students.  The North Texas Regional P-16 Council provided lanyards and snacks through a GenTX grant.  The Council works across K-12 and higher education and with business and community partners to promote college and career readiness of students in Education Service Center Regions 10 and 11.

Most of the Calhoun students had never visited the university even though the middle school is located only blocks away from the UNT campus. UNT representatives sought to remedy this by inviting them to spend the day on campus and leading groups of students on a tour of campus that included Apogee Stadium, the Pohl Recreation Center, Kerr Residence Hall, the Physical Education Building, the bookstore and the Eagle Student Services Center. Students also learned about campus spirit and traditions, and even began their day at the UNT Library Mall with yells and eagle claws.

The students explored questions such as, "What is the value of college?" while visiting campus. They explored career opportunities made possible through a college degree and considered the fun of sports, music, art and theater in a university setting. Calhoun students also observed students studying for final exams and taking study breaks.

They met current UNT students and learned about their experiences at UNT. They shared insights on making connections with their professors, fellow students, exploring career options and travel opportunities.

At the end of the day, the seventh graders shared what they liked best about their visit: Scrappy, UNT's mascot; unlimited food at Kerr Dining Hall; Apogee Stadium; and the weight room, climbing wall and pool at the recreation center.  

They also shared what they learned from their visit:

"I learned what it means to be 'first generation,'" said one participant.

"I learned it takes a lot of walking to get from middle school to college," another student with sore legs said. 

And another student exclaimed, "I learned that I am going to college!"


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