Faculty to serve as UNT ambassadors in Mexico

Nancy Nelson, professor and Meadows Chair for Excellence in Education, and Ricardo González-Carriedo, assistant professor, both from the Department of Teacher Education and Administration, will participate in UNT's Faculty Abroad Seminar in Mexico this month.

Nelson and González-Carriedo will build professional networks with counterparts at peer universities and institutions in Mexico. They will visit Panamerican University, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico and University of Guanajuato.

They will also visit the Ministry for Foreign Relations, the Ministry of Public Education, and the Mexico Commission for Educational Exchange as well as the Center for Engineering and Industrial Development in Querétaro and the Center for Mathematical Research in Guanajuato.

UNT-International planned and coordinated the initiative, led by Gabriel Carranza, assistant vice provost for global engagement and Amanda White Bennett, assistant director for global engagement.