Faculty awarded seven mentoring grants

The College of Education recently received funding from the University for seven faculty mentoring grants to support assistant and associate professors.  These mentoring teams will facilitate a culture of mentoring across the university.  Awards went to:

Dr. Amy Fann (Counseling and Higher Education): Mentoring Partners in Professional Writing and Tenure Process

Drs. Casey Barrio Minton and Elizabeth Prosek (Counseling and Higher Education): Counseling Outcome Research Mentoring Team

Dr. Mei Chang (Educational Psychology): Enhancing Skills as an Early Research Scholar and Expanding Networks

Drs. Bertina Combes and Endia Lindo (Educational Psychology): Mentoring Researchers of High-Needs Schools.

Dr. Tao Zhang (Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation): Research Directions and Strategies in Physical Activity and Public Health

Drs. Pam Harrell, Colleen Eddy, Karthigeyan Subramaniam, David Wojnowski, and Sarah Pratt (Teacher Education and Administration): Mathematics and Science Education, concept mapping research and effective teaching

Drs. Mei Hoyt and Michelle Perez (Teacher Education and Administration): Mentorship for Writing and Publication and Furthering Understanding of Issues Related to Diversity through the Design of a Theoretical Framework