Dr. Miriam Ezzani champions literacy, supports UNT's Fourth Bold Goal


Dr. Miriam Ezzani, Senior Lecturer in Teacher Education and Administration, was featured in Huffington Post’s #GivingTuesday series with her story Giving Back for Literacy and a Better World.

"..When we advocate for literacy, we do not advocate for life's luxuries but rather for a critical tool which opens doors to a better life…"

Read the full story at the Huffington Post.

Ezzani adds, "In the spirit of the fourth bold goal, which pronounces that we are not only the University of North Texas but we are the university for North Texas, faculty must balance between teaching, research, and community service. Leveraging our knowledge and skills through mentoring and coaching widens our circle of influence so more people can contribute to our region."

"In my case I mentor and coach high school youth," says Ezzani. "These youth take leadership roles in seeking partnerships with businesses and community groups. These partnerships ultimately serve local schools in our under-resourced communities. I can tell you these high school youth are vested and passionate about their contributions of literacy and environment which benefit hundreds of students."

"Partnerships with our local districts and schools lead to a symbiotic relationship which allows us to offer knowledge, skills, and action-oriented service but is also a fringe benefit which provides a learning environment for UNT’s pre-service teachers and administrators," she says. "Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation."