Dr. Mary Harris and Dr. Arminta Jacobson receive awards for leadership, engagement

Banners in the Union
Banners honoring Drs. Jacobson and Harris hang in the University Union.

In recognition of faculty excellence, the UNT Foundation established three awards that highlight the accomplishments of UNT’s most distinguished scholars and leaders, and College of Education faculty members received two of the three awards for this year.

Dr. Mary Harris, Regents Professor in Teacher Education and Administration, received the UNT Foundation Leadership Award, which was established to recognize a faculty member who significantly impacts the academic enterprise of the university through her leadership and service and who demonstrates a high degree of professionalism, is committed to the strategic mission of the university, and encourages others to support and work toward the public good through innovative initiatives.

Dr. Arminta Jacobson, Professor in Educational Psychology, received the UNT Foundation Community Engagement Award. This award was created to recognize individuals who have the sensitivity to understand and work across organizational cultures and boundaries; the leadership to build bridges among community institutions and to make university and community institutions intelligible to and supportive of each other; and the capacity to develop new and productive projects and relationships that embody the university’s central commitment to its community engagement mission.