Dr. Marc Cutright testifies on transfer education at Texas Senate Higher Education Committee hearing


Dr. Marc Cutright, Associate Professor in Counseling and Higher Education and Director of the Center for Higher Education, spoke at the April 11, 2012 hearing of the Texas Senate on Higher Education, which was focused on enhancing transfer processes between and among institutions in Texas with an eye toward increasing bachelor degree completions through the transfer route.

Cutright summarized the findings of a research project that sought input on how Texas law and policy helps—or hinders—the successful transfer and degree completion by students from community colleges to universities. The research team members were Dr. Amy Fann, Dr. Janet Marling, Dr. Beverly Bower, Dr. Bonita Jacobs, Dr. Marc Cutright, and several graduate students in the Higher Education Program. The final report will be released this spring.

Watch a video or download a PDF of Cutright’s testimony.