Dr. Jan Holden’s recent lecture on near-death experiences available on YouTube


Dr. Jan Holden, Department Chair and Professor of Counseling and Higher Education, recently gave a lecture to E.P.I.C. Voyagers, a community group that examines anomalous phenomena like the paranormal.

Holden’s lecture was designed to inform the audience about what is known about near-death experiences (NDEs) from 30 years of research. She covered the contents of NDEs, NDE aftereffects, and special topics such as children's NDEs and distressing NDEs. Holden also described characteristics of people who have NDEs, the relationship of NDEs to the scriptures of the major world religions, veridical perception in NDEs (the paranormal aspect), explanatory models of NDEs, and application of NDE information to education and healthcare settings. Much of the information was illustrated with excerpts of an on-camera interview Holden did with Tricia, a DFW near-death experiencer.

Holden has also presented this lecture to the UNT Emeritus College.

View the lecture on YouTube: