College honors outstanding graduate research, grant recipients

Dean Jerry Thomas hosted a special reception May 8 to celebrate the success of our master’s and doctoral graduates for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Special guest Cathy Bryce ('91 Ph.D.) welcomed graduates as the newest members of the UNT alumni family, and Mark Wardell, dean of UNT’s Toulouse Graduate School, congratulated the students on their achievements.

The College of Education recognized the recipients of the annual Outstanding Dissertation Award, Dissertation/Thesis Support Grants and Travel Support Awards:

2013 Outstanding Dissertation Award winner Kim Nimon (right) with major professor Robin Henson
See more photos on Flickr. Photos by Cortney Pace, Hatch Media

The College of Education 2013 Dissertation Award

Dr. Kim Nimon
Convergent Validity of Variables Residualized by a Single Co-Variate: The Role of Correlated Error in Populations and Samples (abstract PDF)
Major professor: Dr. Robin Henson, Professor of Educational Psychology
Committee: Dr. Jeff Allen, Professor of Learning Technology; Dr. Becky Glover, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology; Dr. Darrell Hull, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology

Honorable Mention

Dr. David Huffman
Doctoral Level Counseling Student’s Experiences and Perceptions of Learning in a Cohort Environment (abstract PDF)
Major professor: Dr. Delini Fernando, Associate Professor in Counseling & Higher Education
Committee: Dr. Dee Ray, Professor in Counseling & Higher Education; Dr. Casey Barrio Minton, Associate Professor in Counseling


Dr. Kimberly Jayne
Unconditional Positive Regard and Empathic Understanding in Child-Centered Play Therapy (abstract PDF)
Major professor: Dr. Dee Ray, Professor of Counseling & Higher Education
Committee: Dr. Sue Bratton, Professor of Counseling & Higher Education; Dr. Jan Holden, Professor and Chair of Counseling & Higher Education


Dr. April Sanders
Parallels Between the Gaming Experience and Rosenblatt’s Reader Response Theory (abstract PDF)
Major professor: Dr. Mary Harris, Professor in Teacher Education & Administration
Committee: Dr. Jeanne Tunks, Associate Professor in Teacher Education & Administration; Dr. Janelle Mathis, Associate Professor in Teacher Education & Administration; Dr. Gail Cannella


Dr. Dalena Dillman Taylor
Confirming the Constructs of the Adlerian Personality Priority Assessment (abstract PDF)
Major professor: Dr. Sue Bratton, Professor in Counseling & Higher Education
Committee: Dr. Dee Ray, Professor in Counseling & Higher Education; Dr. Casey Barrio Minton, Associate Professor in Counseling & Higher Education; Dr. Robin Henson, Professor in Educational Psychology


Dissertation/Thesis Research Support Grants

Graduate students are eligible to apply for a grant of up to $1000 in support of their research expenses associated with thesis or dissertation work. This year we awarded $12,205 to 14 students:

Hayley Stulmaker CHE
Jenifer Ware CHE
Katherine Purswell CHE
Kimberly Lowry CHE
Lee Kinsey CHE
Raissa Miller CHE
Serena Johnson CHE
Linsey Riley Eason EPSY
Nicole Caldwell EPSY
Randall Williams KHPR
Caroline O'Brien TEA
Jeff Cranmore TEA
Megan Webster TEA
Rebecca Putman TEA


Travel Support Award recipients

The college also supports the scholarly development of our graduate students by providing $500 awards to graduate students who are making presentations at national and international conferences. This year we awarded $21,000 to 42 students:

Ah Ra Cho CHE
Amanda Hamm CHE
Catherine Olivarez CHE
Christina Herrera CHE
Cynthia Daly CHE
Janice Hicks CHE
Kasie Lee CHE
Kimberly Lowry CHE
Lindsay Webster CHE
Casey Johnson EPSY
Jie Wang EPSY
Katrina Hovey EPSY
Laila Sanguras EPSY
Laura Nathans EPSY
Lim Okyoung EPSY
Maria-Trevino Rivera EPSY
Rania Salman EPSY
Sean Jefferson EPSY
Tzu Lun Chu EPSY
Xin Xin EPSY
Xing Aerts EPSY
Adam Venable KHPR
Andrea Henning KHPR
Anthony Duplanty KHPR
Danielle Levitt KHPR
Randall Williams KHPR
Ronald Budnar KHPR
Tsz Lun Chu KHPR
Dennis Womack TEA
Eun Young Lee TEA
Gary Applewhite TEA
Joyce Price TEA
Julie Williams  TEA
Karen Walker TEA 
Kathryn Dixon TEA
Kelly Medellin TEA
Kyle Thompson TEA
Melanie Fields TEA
Royce George TEA
Ruth E. Payne TEA
Stephanie Brown TEA
Tammy Smalkas TEA


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