COE faculty receive mentoring grants from university

Four College of Education faculty received mentor grants from UNT's Office of the Provost for the 2014-2015 academic year. The goal of the mentoring initiative, modeled after the successful work of Mary Deane Sorcinelli at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the Mellon Foundation, is to help faculty in four critical areas: gaining institutional knowledge, supporting teaching and research efforts, developing professional networks and promoting diversity.

BakerKim Baker, Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation
Developing a Collaborative Network of Leaders in Collegiate Physical Activity and Wellness Programs

Baker will research Physical Activity and Wellness programs at other universities and develop a collaborative network with their program coordinators.  Her primary objective is to connect with other coordinators for support and mentorship in an effort to enhance leadership and management skills and facilitate quality programming.  A secondary objective of this project is to discover what activity classes other universities are offering for credit and investigate what challenges the coordinators encounter with leadership and management, class schedules, facilities, and budgets in comparison with the challenges at UNT.

GuXiangli Gu, Kinesiology, Health Promotion, and Recreation

Gu will develop a professional connection with Dr. Charles Hillman, a professor of the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Hillman's research and professional interests focus on exercise psychology and psychophysiology, cognitive neuroscience, physical activity and cognition across the lifespan. Gu's long term goal is to develop optimal physical activity intervention programs that aim at promoting a healthy and physically active lifestyle in school-aged children, especially low-income minority children and adolescents.

SummersYuliya Summers, Teacher Education and Administration
Summers identified two external scholars who share her academic specialization and plans to shadow the professors in the spring 2015 semester. The goal of the mentoring collaboration is to support her teaching, research and service efforts:

  • Seek advice, encouragement and feedback necessary to succeed in academia
  • Develop excellence in teaching and seek help in developing professionally
  • Learn about scholarly writing and conducting research from a perspective of an immigrant woman

YoungJemimah Young, Teacher Education and Administration
African American Academic Couples Mentorship Exchange


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