Alumni Spotlight: Desiree DeLeon from EPSY

DeleonAfter transferring to UNT with an associate's degree from North Central Texas College, Desiree DeLeon graduated from UNT in December 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Development and Family Studies from the Department of Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Intervention and Administration from the College of Education. We recently caught up with DeLeon to discuss her experience at UNT:


As a transfer student, what were some challenges you faced and overcame?

"Although I received my associate degree, my goal was to continue my education at UNT. As a transfer student, one of the challenges I faced was determining the right major for me. College of Education professors and staff helped me choose the right path."


How did COE faculty and staff help you?

"Support from the College of Education faculty and advisors was phenomenal.  Dr. Gladys Hildreth introduced me to the major of Development and Family Studies. It was her encouragement and guidance that led me to follow my passion in this study. My advisor D'Lynn Schertz helped me determine my concentration in my field and gave the best advice. She never gave up on me and encouraged me to strive to do my best. Julie Leventhal, one of my instructors, really helped me during my last semester, ensuring I could graduate. I can't thank them all enough for inspiring and helping me to achieve my dream of receiving a bachelor's degree at UNT."


What advice would you offer to new UNT students?

"Going from a small two-year college to a large four-year university can be a huge transition for some students.  I would definitely recommend becoming familiar with the faculty, staff, campus and an academic advisor for your major that can help you with all of your questions and concerns."


What was it like to be a student UNT?

"While enrolled full time at UNT I was also working full time. Studying wasn't easy at first, but I managed to find a daily routine that worked best for me. I was able to achieve my educational goals through faith and perseverance. I'm proud to have made the Dean's List and have studied at UNT.  UNT has been an amazing, welcoming, fun and friendly experience. I'm honored to be an alumna of UNT!"


What's next for you?

"I'm very excited to see what my future holds for me. I plan on pursuing my master's degree in the fall and then become a diagnostician. My career goal is to work with children and adults with developmental disabilities to help each individual achieve their full potential within the community, schools and their future careers."