Alumni Spotlight: Allie Schmaltz

How did UNT’s College of Education prepare you for your career? I felt extremely prepared by the University of North Texas. The education staff at UNT did their best to mimic, discuss and simulate real classroom situations, something that is typically a very trying test. Going into my career as a teacher I had numerous resources at my disposal thanks to the wonderful faculty at UNT.


What was the most valuable thing you learned at UNT? To value each student and their background. I learned this ideology from Dr. Young while taking her “Teaching in Diverse Populations” course. She ingrained in me how important it is to relate to all students, not just the ones you identify with.


Why did you choose the UNT College of Education? I knew how renowned their education department was. I have known since I was in the fourth grade that I wanted to teach. Since that year, every decision needed to lead me to the best possible path of becoming a great teacher. Attending UNT was the obvious choice.


What led you to a career in education? I’m not sure if it was my innate need to be in charge or my love of people that first sparked my interest in teaching, but ever since I can remember I wanted to be an educator. I would play “school” with my brother and sister complete with lessons, assignments, tests and grades. The grades tended to reflect my current opinion of my siblings rather than their actual learning.


How did you feel when you won Teacher of the Year? I was in shock! I did not think a second year teacher deserved such a prestigious honor. It wasn’t until after speaking with my students that I truly understood why I was given the award; I care about them. Sometimes, in education, we forget that we are teaching human beings. Caring about them as such goes a long way.


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