Alumna launches online family consulting business

FarrDebbie Farr ('14 PhD), parent consultant and educator, has launched an online business to assist with some of the road bumps of parenthood.

Her business, Flourishing Families, offers parents consulting over Skype, over the phone and in face-to-face sessions. She even holds evening consultations for parents who have jobs preventing them from attending day consultations or parents who prefer talking during the slow time after their kids are in bed. Many of her clients come to her with issues such as a toddler who is biting, a teen refusing to communicate, or an elementary school-aged child who balks at doing their chores.

"When I combine the educational piece, [parents] often don't need more than 3-6 sessions to feel more successful and better connected to their children," said Farr. "Typically, by session 2 or 3, they are practicing what we've talked about, and are able to pinpoint more clearly what the issues might be."

Farr's business also provides parent education in classes and workshops. These sessions are designed for groups of friends who want to learn parenting strategies together. There are also options for organizations and businesses that want to offer workshops for their employees and staff.

"I feel strongly that most parents have the best intentions of being the best parent they can be," she said. "But if they are not using strategies that research has shown to be successful, they may not get the results or relationships they are looking for with their children."

Farr received her PhD in Educational Research from the Department of Educational Psychology in UNT's College of Education. She writes an "Ask Dr. Debbie" column for parenting advice in, an online newspaper in New Hampshire, where she currently resides.

To learn more about the services she offers, visit the Flourishing Families website.

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By Jessie Laljer, UNT's College of Education Development and External Relations Office

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