Dr. Jean Keller

Jean Keller, PhD, Professor. Jean.Keller@unt.edu
Research areas: youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities; Physical activity and health promotion.

Dr. John Nauright

John Nauright, PhD, Professor. John.Nauright@unt.edu
Research areas: Youth pedagogy; sport sociology.

Karen Weiller, PhD, Associate Professor. Karen.Weiller@unt.edu
Research areas: Youth pedagogy; sport sociology.

Jeff Goodwin, PhD, Associate Professor. Jeff.Goodwin@unt.edu
Research areas: Motor learning and control.

Andrew Colombo-Dougovito

Andrew Colobmo-Dougovito, PhD, Assistant Professor. Andrew.Colombo-Dougovito@unt.edu
Research areas: Adapted physical education/activity; Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Tao Zhang, PhD, Associate Professor (Laboratory Director; Doctoral Program Coordinator). Tao.Zhang@unt.edu
Research areas: Physical activity and health promotion; physical activity interventions; achievement motivation; motor development.