Health Promotion Programs

Health Promotion prepares students for a variety of careers in the public and private sectors and in teaching. The major goal of this program is the promotion of human health.

Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion

The Health Promotion Program offers a comprehensive curriculum with two distinct tracks; Community Health and Corporate Wellness. The program, through these two tracks, prepares students to deliver health education, information, and knowledge in a variety of settings, such as public health agencies, voluntary health agencies, schools and universities and corporate work sites and wellness programs.

The Community Health Track prepares and educates students to serve in a variety of government and private health agencies, clinical settings, non-profit organizations, volunteer agencies, or other community organizations.

The Corporate Wellness Track prepares and educates students to promote the health and well-being of personnel through workplace programs, and become valuable contributors to the human resource functions of private companies.

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Undergraduate Admissions are handled through University of North Texas Admissions.

Graduate Programs in Health Promotion

The department does not directly offer graduate programs in Health Promotion. However, the program offers opportunities for outstanding undergraduate majors or minors in Health Promotion to transition into a Master of Public Health (MPH) program at the UNT Health Science Center School of Public Health in Ft. Worth, TX.

These students may take graduate courses in the Master of Public Health programs, which provide credit for both their undergraduate and MPH degrees. The courses are available during the students' senior year. Students must have prior approval by the Health Promotion program to enroll in these courses.