Clinics, Labs and Centers

We are home to a variety of innovative clinics, centers and labs that allow you to interact with the real world of clients, families and students while still pursuing your degree.

Nydia Sanchez

"UNT has given me the opportunity to pursue research on postsecondary education access and success for students from underrepresented groups. I've developed as a scholar and lifelong learner and connected with like-minded faculty and graduate students."

Nydia Sanchez
Higher Education Ph.D. student


Students working in the Applied Physiology Lab collect and analyze oxygen and heart rate data. The lab specializes in research and education in the areas of physiology, health and nutrition.

Kristin Farmer Autism Center

The UNT Kristin Farmer Autism Center provides families a resource for comprehensive autism spectrum disorder treatment, research and support, and brings together under one roof UNT's long standing interdisciplinary autism services and research. The center is changing lives across the autism spectrum through both collaborative and individualized programming. In collaboration with multiple departments at UNT, opportunities are being developed to provide students with internships, practicum work or field experience in the field of autism.

Child and Family Resource Clinic

The Child and Family Resource Clinic offers counseling to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families for issues including emotional and adjustment difficulties and other learning challenges. The clinic not only provides professional services to clients, but valuable training for graduate students in the counseling program.

Applied Physiology Laboratory

The Applied Physiology Laboratory (APL) houses state-of-the-art computerized equipment for measurement of oxygen uptake, anaerobic capacity, strength and power, muscle activation, constituents of blood and tissue samples, and body composition.

Office of Giftedness, Talent Development and Creativity

The Office of Giftedness, Talent Development and Creativity serves the intellectual, academic, social and emotional needs of gifted children and adolescents in the North Texas region. The work of the office includes talent development programs for students, professional learning for educators, comprehensive assessment of children and adolescents, development of model curriculum, parent education and research on the development of giftedness, elite talents and creativity.

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Did You Know?

The Center for Play Therapy (CPT) is the largest play therapy training program in the world that prepares counselors to work with child clients ages two to ten.