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Professor, Teacher Education and Administration, Meadows Chair for Excellence in Education
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Nancy Nelson, Ph.D., is Professor of Education and Meadows Chair for Excellence in Education at the University of North Texas, where she joined the faculty in 2009 and served as chair of the Department of Teacher Education and Administration until 2014. She is also Elena and Albert LeBlanc Professor Emerita at Louisiana State University. Her scholarship focuses on literacy processes and practices, including intercultural dialogue, and she is best known for her research in academic discourse and discourse synthesis. Some of her work, including the book The Constructivist Metaphor, was published under the name Nancy Nelson Spivey. At UNT she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Language, Literacy, and Bilingual/ESL Education and in Curriculum and Instruction. Prior to coming to UNT, Nelson was on the faculty of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, where she also served as department chair, and of Louisiana State University, where she was also director of the LSU Writing Project. In addition, she has also been on the faculty of the College of William and Mary, Carnegie Mellon University, and Texas Woman's University. Her doctoral and bachelor's degrees are from the University of Texas at Austin, and her master's degree is from Southern Methodist University.

In her role as Meadows Chair, Nelson focuses her attention on educational issues associated with linguistic and cultural diversity, academic writing, and the dynamics of intercultural communication. She is currently collaborating with UNT’s International Office on several projects, including the UNT partnership with the Secretariat of Education of the State of Jalisco, Mexico. She has presented keynote addresses at a number of international conferences, including meetings held in Italy, Norway, and Mexico, and has held leadership roles in seminars in Costa Rica, New Zealand, Norway, and Spain.

Books and Monographs

Nelson, N., & Calfee, R. C. (Eds.). (1998). The reading-writing connection: 97th yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Spivey, N. N. (1997).The constructivist metaphor: Reading, writing, and the making of meaning. San Diego, CA: Academic Press.

also published in Korean as Spivey, N. N. (2004). 구성주의 와 읽기 ・쓰기 : 읽기 ・쓰기 ・의미 구성 의 이론 Kusŏngjuŭi wa ilki, ssŭgi: ilki, ssŭgi, ŭimi kusŏng ŭi iron (The constructivist metaphor: Reading, writing and the making of meaning). 박이정, Soul-si: Pagijong.

Spivey, N. N. (1984). Discourse synthesis: Constructing texts in reading and writing (Monograph). Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

Selected Articles and Chapters

Nelson, N., Barrera, E.  S. IV, Skinner, K., & Fuentes, A. (2016). Language, culture, and border lives: Mestizaje as positionality. Cultura y Educación, 28, 1-41

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Spivey, N. N. (1990). Transforming texts: Constructive processes in reading and writing. Written Communication, 7, 256-287.

International Positions and Lectureships

Organizer, Jalisco-Texas Cross-Border Conferences on Education and Culture, 2015-present

Fellow, Faculty Abroad Seminar to Mexico, May, 2014

Director, Seminar on Intercultural Dialogue, University for Peace, Cuidad Colon, Costa Rica, August, 2008

Delegate, Intercultural Cities Conference, Liverpool, United Kingdom, November, 2007

Consultant, Reading and Writing to Learn Research Seminar, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, Spain, September, 2007

Visiting Professor, University of Padua, Italy, September-November, 2000

Guest Lecturer, Rewriting Literacy Seminar, University of Auckland, New Zealand, July, 1999

Recent Conference Papers and Invited Addresses

Nelson, N., Barrera, E. S. IV, & Skinner, K. (2018, March). Mapping and remapping language in global context. Conference of Comparative and International Education Society, Mexico City, Mexico.

Nelson, N. (2017, October). The intercultural turn in policy and practice. Ireland International Conference on Education, Dublin, Ireland.

Nelson, N. (2017, May). Interculturalism and multiculturalism in global context: Contrasts over space and time. Athens Institute for Education and Research’s International Conference on Education, Athens, Greece.

Nelson, N. (2016, August). The global-local dialectic: Issues of language education. World Congress of Comparative Education Societies, Beijing, China.

Nelson, N. (2016, May). Invited address. Internationalization and accreditation. Jal-Tex Conference, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Nelson, N., González-Carriedo, R., & Ramirez Boyd, R. (2016, March). Ventanilla de oportunidades educativas: A Mexican consulate-U.S. university partnership. National Association for Bilingual Education, Chicago, IL.

Nelson, N. (2015, September). Dialogue for intercultural understanding: Transnational perspectives. European Association for Educational Research/World Education Research Association, Budapest, Hungary.

Nelson, N. (2015, May). Interculturalism in global context: Political and geographic distinctions from multiculturalism. International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies, Ottawa, Canada.

Nelson, N. (2015, April). International perspectives on reading and literacy. Invited paper for panel presentation for Special Interest Group on Research in Reading and Literacy. American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL.

Nelson, N., & Barrera, E. S. IV (2015, April). Jose Marti’s latinidad: Culture, justice, and curriculum. American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL